Manicurists assure that gel polish stays on nails for more than two weeks. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Such a manicure can crack or chip for various reasons. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to know why cracks can appear on such a coating.

Cosmetologists and manicure specialists will reduce all the causes of the appearance of cracks on such a coating to the wrong professional gel nail polish or to the presence of subsequent mechanical damage to the nails with such a manicure.

Cracks on such a coating can appear in the first days after a manicure, in case the master violates the basic rules of using this cosmetic. 

Therefore, if with this cosmetic treatment the cuticle is only partially removed, or the nail itself is poorly polished and polished, then this can be the main cause of the appearance of cracks. 

Grinding the nail plate is a mandatory procedure that is carried out using special tools. It is not necessary to carry out deep grinding, you can polish the surface of the nail plate, but attention should be paid to the lower edge of the nail next to the cuticle.

Cuticles must be removed before manicure gel polish. In addition, a thin layer of skin along the nail (earrings) must be removed. It can prevent the gel polish from fully sticking to the surface of the nail plate to crack or delaminate the gel layer.

Cosmetologists do not recommend that women who visit the salon apply manicures to subject their hands to the cream. If this product gets on the nail plate before applying gel polish, it may lie unevenly and then crack. 

Due to the cream, the polish on the tips may peel off and therefore cannot stick to the nail plate for a long time. Also, cosmetologists do not recommend coating on wet nails, so they must be dried and wiped dry before applying gel polish.

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