Everyone wants to look great, which is why we end up spending large sums of money on the latest designer clothes and accessories. Sunglasses are the perfect example of this! It is not unusal to spend a couple of hundred dollars on sunglasses, even as much as $500 for the bigger designer brands such as Prada or Versace. However, there is no need to spend this type of cash on sunglasses, it is possible to purchase fashionable shades at far more affordable prices if you know where to look.

Three Reasons Not To Spend A Lot On Designer Shades

Let’s take a look at three of the most popular reasons why you should not spend big bucks on sunglasses.

1. Did you know that a large percentage of sunglasses are actually manufactured by the same small handful of manufacturers! Italian company Luxottica are responsible producing sunglasses for most of the major designer labels as well as some of the high street labels. This means that a lower priced pair of sunglasses could be exactly the same level of quality as a designer brand.

2. Expensive designer sunglasses are not any better for your eyes than a cheaper version. You are essentially paying for the name and could get a pair which are every bit as effective at a more affordable price.

3. The price tag is not the only cost when purchasing expensive designer sunglasses. The chances are fair that if you are inclined to purchase such an expensive pair of shades, then you are likely to be encouraged to buy the latest trends which ultimately means that you will have to buy a new style of sunglasses each year as the fashions change. Over time this means you will spend thousands on your eyewear!

Is There A Balance Between Price And Style?

So now that it has been established that buying expensive designer sunglasses is not the best investment, does that mean that we must sacrifice our sense of style? Of course not! It is possible to strike a balance between fashion and your finances. All it takes is a little bit of shopping around.

One of the best ways to find affordable sunglasses which are still fashionable is to look online. The internet is a great resource when it comes to price comparison shopping. You do not need to trail around lots of stores, instead you can browse their websites in the comfort of your own home in order to find the best prices. Generally speaking it is usually cheaper to buy items online because internet retailers have lower overheads.

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