Revo sunglasses are well-known to have quite a bit of technology in them. In terms on materials used, Revo sunglasses are made from environmentally friendly materials which are light and as durable as conventional materials used for the manufacture of frames. Another plus point for Revo glasses are their designs, which are simply awesome.

But the part of Revo glasses that makes the headlines are the lenses. They are super clear and are touted as the most advanced polarized sunglasses in the world. Superb lenses combined with durability make Revo glasses standard equipment for explorers, adventurers, photographers and basically everybody else with a cool outdoor job.

But what exactly goes into these lenses that make them so special?

Polarization Like No Other

Sunlight and reflection can seriously distort vision especially on surfaces like open water and snow. Revo sunglasses have Revo’s High Contrast Polarized lenses which provide visual acuity in such situations. What these lenses do is selectively filter the color bands to only allow the natural spectrum of color to come through clearly and without distortion.

Anything that improves clarity, reduces strain on the eyes and brain, thus reduces fatigue on both these parts. With clearer, undistorted vision, you will find that the world appears a lot differently. Most of the time, that is a good thing.

Super Durable Serilium Lenses

Many people swear by these lenses, especially those in the thrill and adventure seeking line.

Serilium lenses are made from a type of polycarbonate, manufactured in such a way that it not only provides exceptional clarity, it also extremely light and very strong. Serilium is said to be the only form of polycarbonate strong enough to take impacts from flying gravel.

I personally think that no one should be in a situation where there is gravel flying around. But it is nice to know that at least your eyes would be protected.

Infusion Molding

Layers are bad when it comes to lenses because it affect your vision. The more layers there are between your eyes and what you are viewing, the higher the chances of visual distortion and reduced optical accuracy.

Fortunately, Revo sunglasses Serilium lenses uses a process called infusion molding, as opposed to gluing layers to its lenses. This process creates a single lens without any layers.

The main benefit of this process are lenses which are so optically accurate and clear that they surpass industry standards in clarity, position and refraction tests. Another plus point is that since the polarization is infusion molded into the lens, you can be rest assured that, it cannot at any time, be worn or scratched off.

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