I have heard a lot about Oakley being the best sunglasses ever made. My friends keep on telling to buy one so that I can test it for myself. Just like a curious cat, I purchased Oakley Ducati and together with it is Oakley Crowbar.

Oakley Ducati is definitely a must have for people who just want a nice set of comfortable lightweight sunglasses. I just love them so much. It is lightweight and it fits perfectly over my eye. There are even several times that I forget they are on my face and I end up wearing them the whole day. Most of the time I drive a motorcycle and long been looking for a pair of sunglasses that had enough thin stems that fit comfortably in the helmet over my ears and finally I have them with me. Oakley Ducati fits perfectly over my eye. I have problems with other sunglasses because they don’t have a closed and comfortable fit over my eyes, causing a lot of wind to creep up behind the lenses as well as sunlight. Oakley Ducati is definitely the way to go for anyone with an active lifestyle that wants something light, quick, and stylish.

On the other hand, I bought Oakley Crowbar because of the chic style and I love to snowboard. I have tried Oakley Crowbar and indeed the best snow goggles ever created. The peripheral field of view and optics is very clear and have also multiple layers of foam that help my face to fit snugly. It is also comfortable because of the outriggers on the sides that take the pressure off my face especially when I wear a helmet. Oakley Crowbar is best used on sunny days, as it is a fairly dark lens. Not only does the Oakley Crowbar perform exceptionally well, it is full of style and comes in a wide array of configurations.

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