You may be a fan of wearing glasses due to the fact that you like the convenience associated with seeing clearly instantly as you put them on. Another convenience that you appreciate is associated with the fact that your glasses unlike contact lenses require minimal maintenance. However, you dislike the inconveniences associated with getting a stronger prescription as your eyes get weaker and weaker as you continue to rely on them heavily to see clearly. Have you ever wondered whether or not your eyesight with glasses is consistently clear? Therefore, if you are interested in this subject here is some interesting information that you are going to consider useful about this topic.

Your Glasses Don’t Improve Your Vision Naturally: Your glasses are a band aid solution to your vision problems. From this point of view, they don’t address the main causes of your poor eyesight. When you wear your glasses your visual system is not functioning in an efficient manner. This is due to the fact that the glasses are a crutch that cause you to develop a relationship that relies on an artificial means by which you are improving your eyesight. This is due to the fact that eye strain is the main cause of poor eyesight and it is ironic that glasses help you to see clearly instantly however your glasses are making your eyesight clear by increasing the amount of stress on your visual system which is one of the main causes of bad eyesight.

Your Vision Is Not Consistently Clear With Glasses: Even though your glasses appear to provide clear instant vision natural vision improvement practitioners have made scientific findings that have determined that your vision even when you are wearing your glasses is not consistently clear throughout the course of the day. They have concluded in research studies that your vision fluctuates at different periods of time. This is due to the fact that your glasses are not improving your eyesight via the process of accommodation. Accommodation is defined as the ability of the eye muscles to create the ideal shape that is necessary for the eyes to see both near and distant objects clearly.

Your glasses are a convenient vision correction method that enables you to see clearly instantly. While this is a convenience that you appreciate it facilitates this function as a popular vision improvement method in an artificial way. This is due to the fact that your glasses are causing you to develop a relationship of dependence that leads to weaker eyes and stronger prescriptions. Ironically, even though they make you see clearly instantly they help you to accomplish this goal by being the source of the actual factor that is a main contributing cause of poor eyesight; stress and tension in the visual system.

Your glasses are a vision improvement method that you appreciate due to the fact that they enable you to see clearly when you wear them. However, even in spite of the fact that this is a convenience that you consider beneficial they facilitate this function in an artificial way. Therefore, your vision weakens as you require a stronger prescription. Therefore, due to the fact that this popular vision improvement method helps you to see clearly in an artificial way your vision is not consistently clear however it fluctuates. Your glasses are not the be all and end all of your vision problems however they are ultimately a band aid solution to your vision problems.

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