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A negative ionizer air purifier uses ionization change and charge of the ions due to which particles weigh down and end up on the ground or the collector. An air purifier using the filters also spreads the negative ions with the cleaned air. This process leads the pollutants in the air to weigh down and sink to the ground resulting in the clean air to breathe. 

Millions of small particles and pollutants present in the environment enter the house and pollute the indoor air quality. These pollutants also result in creating allergy and respiratory infections. The air purifiers are used to reduce the chances of allergies and dust infections, purifying the air. 

The smallest particles in the air are called ions, which cannot be seen through the naked eye. These ions are known to be electrically charged particles floating outside in the air and can enter easily into the indoor environment of the house. These negatively charged particles are essential for maintaining the oxygen content in the fresh air, but due to rapid increases in air pollution, such as exhaust gases released by vehicles and engines, the ratio of negative ions is falling rapidly, causing the deterioration of air quality.


Negative ionizer air purifiers are designed in a way that they ass more negative ions into the air by using the mechanism of high voltage needles or wires to add an extra electron to air molecules and dispersing them back into the room. 

These negatively charged ions attach themselves to the contaminants (positive ions) present in the room, clumping together to make the particle heavy, eventually falling to the floor. In addition, it has been observed that the negatively charged contaminants attract towards the positively charged surfaces, including floors, furniture, walls, and curtains, to remove the contaminants from the air.  


Negative ionizer air purifiers without filters have low maintenance costs.

These air purifiers ensure that the contaminant weighs down, letting you breathe clean air.

The air purifiers are not suitable for everyone, so it is recommended to select the appropriate one because some ionizers release ozone which irritates asthma.  

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