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Disinfectant water generator.

This is a device that creates a disinfector from just using water and salt as raw materials. The idea behind its creation is basically to offer a household alternative to chemical disinfectors. Chemical disinfectors sometimes pose health concerns due to their parent raw materials. They are not suitable for use when it comes to the sterilization of fruits and vegetables. This disinfector comes in the shape of a kettle. It is equipped with micro-computers that shake and mix the salt and water forming a solution. It is a choice for use as a general household disinfector. It is highly convenient and poses no health risks. This machine has many functions hence making it a piece of household equipment.

Some of its uses include:

It is useful as a kitchen and bath sanitary ware. It cleans, removes the smell on kitchen tiles and floors and detoxification purposes.

It can be a toy, hard surface furniture, and a tool cleaner. It is possible since it contains no chemicals.

The water generator produces a disinfector suitable for washing pets. It kills harmful bacteria as a chemical disinfector would do.

It produces a reliable cloth disinfectant as it works on tough stains leaving clothes cleaner.


Who could have thought just from a spoon of salt and some water you can do all household cleaning? Worries and health issues are not a concern. All this is possible thanks to the water disinfector device. Considering the cost and effort in making a suitable home cleaner, this device cuts all costs leaving your home sparkling clean.

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