Freeze dried corn Powder


corn powder, Freeze dried

Information about sweet corn:

Freeze dried corn raises levels of ferulic acid, which has anti-cancer properties. They are commonly used as a pizza topping or in salads in Europe, China, Korea, Japan, and India. Corn is a full cob of corn that is cooked, steamed, or grilled, with the kernels eaten directly off the cob or chopped off. Corn served with milk or a creamy sauce is known as creamed corn. Corn can also be eaten like corn.

Freeze-dried corn

Vacuum freeze-dried food is a kind of food that removes moisture by sublimation in a vacuum state. When compared to traditional drying processes, (such as drying, hot air drying, infrared or microwave drying), it can basically maintain the color and color of fresh food. Fragrance, taste and nutrients, and can maintain a stable food structure, its tissue is as loose as a sponge, and the rehydration rate is high. The food processed by the freeze-drying process can be 60% lighter for meat, 90% lighter for vegetables, and 70% to 90% lighter for fruits, which brings great convenience to transportation and people’s carrying, and can be kept for a long time. It deteriorates and can be kept for several years at room temperature.

Thing to be noted:

They must not fried, not puffed, no artificial colors, no preservatives or other additives

They must gluten free

Only take water

They perfectly preserve the nutritional facts of fresh vegetables.

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