Guangzhou Aile Automation Equipment Co., LTD is a professional China-based company that used to supply its best machinery throughout the world. This single company focuses on different machines ranging from aerosol filling machines to RO water treatment series. These high-tech products are supplied worldwide. They particularly deal with machinery related to packing production lines and material packages.

In this article, we will briefly describe some top products of Aile Automation Company.

  1. Aerosol filling series: This company deals with various products related to the aerosol industry. Besides aerosol filling machines, you can find other machines like a spray can filling machine, MDI aerosol filling machine, spray paint aerosol, cassette furnace, and more. They deal with numerous products which are included in the aerosol production line.
  1. Mixing tank series: Mixing tanks are usually used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and beverages industries for the mixing of various products. They come in various sizes for holding different volumes of substances. Vacuum emulsifying tank, vacuum homogenizer mixer, PP mixer for anti-corrosion products, cosmetic making machines all lie in the category of mixing tanks.
  1. Perfume filling series: These types of machines are used for filling and sealing perfume and other bottles. They are widely used for filling precise volume in different cans and bottles and are widely used in small as well as large industries.
  1. RO water treatment series: RO water treatment series are used to obtain clean and clear water that is used for various purposes in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and beverages industries. They are widely used at commercial places for drinking pure and clean water.

You can find other various automatic machines like filling capping labeling series and more. If you intend to buy any machine, you can visit their online website and order your desired product at affordable prices.

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