Role of Clean Water in Life

Every human being from adults to infants needs a daily supply of water which is different from person to person. The amount of water is greater than any other fluid in our body. for the proper functioning of the body, water is crucial. For a healthy life, clean water is necessary so Always use clean water processed through water machines.

Water plays the following important tasks for all life processes in the body:

  • As a component of cells and tissues, the shape of the body is formed.
  • Water is important for the fluid balance
  • Water dissolves the solid components of food such as sugar, salt, some of the vitamins and minerals and carries the dissolved nutrients to the cells
  • Water is the body’s natural coolant. In severe heat or sports, profuse sweating deters the body temperature from rising. The sweat evaporates, heat is released and the skin cools down
  • Water causes the fiber to swell

Fuel for the kidneys

Water is also an important means of transport for excretion processes. For example, our kidneys clean around 1700 liters of blood every day. As in a sewage treatment plant, worthless or harmful waste is filtered out and released into the urine. 

The clean blood goes back through the bloodstream. In the same way, water also goes back through the skin in the form of sweating, through the lungs when breathing, and through the intestine when digesting. Generally, around 3 liters of fluid is released from the body of a healthy adult.

The fluid balance must be supplied regularly so that significant metabolic cycles can take place without impediment. The need can be met through food intake and drinks. Without liquids, we could only survive for about three days.

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