Purple potato is an herbaceous plant of the genus Ipomoea of ​​the Convolvulaceae. The potato flesh is deep purple to deep purple. Hence it is also known as black potato, purple sweet potato, or purple sweet potato. 

Purple potato is a particular type of sweet potato. It has the properties of food, cash crops, and medicines. In addition to the ingredients and functions of standard sweet potatoes, it also has a variety of physiological processes. It is used in the food, medical, chemical, and light industries—an important raw material for the textile and other branches of industry.

Purple sweet potato powder contains more than ten mineral elements like Se, Zn, Fe, P, and 18 kinds of amino acids. It is rich in 8 types of vitamins such as vitamins C, B, and A, especially anthocyanins with high medicinal value.


  1. This powder can benefit you in terms of health because it has some antioxidant properties and can also give you some anti-mutation service. Besides these two essential functions, it can also help protect your liver. 
  2. This powder will be beneficial for you because it also strengthens the body.
  3. If you are diet conscious and want to remain physically fit, you should try it because it can help you get into shape. 
  4. Cancer is a severe disease, and if you don’t treat it, this can be hazardous.  The good news is that purple sweet potato powder helps you fight against cancer.
  5. You can also consider this powder as an optimal part of the four because it is very environmentally friendly, and there are no disadvantages to using it.


  1. This powder is being used as a valuable food.
  2. One can also take this powder along with the drinks. 

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