Gel polish is an innovation in the beauty industry. They are a better alternative to ordinary nail polish and involve less maintenance for the user. Read the article to know more reasons why a Gel polish is better than traditional nail polish.

Gel Polish Vs. Ordinary Nail Polish:

The first advantage of Gel polish is that it lasts longer than ordinary nail polish. It does not chip or flakes off easily, which is because of its consistency. 

Ordinary nail polish tends to be runny and thin, so when its top coat is applied, it gets smudged out at the sides of the nails. This exposes the undercoat of ordinary nail polish and makes it chip off very quickly. 

Gel polish has a thicker consistency than ordinary nail polish, so when its top coat is applied, it stays on top of the undercoat without getting smudged out.

Gel polish is made to last. Ideal for people who want to get the most wear out of their manicures, a gel manicure is typically lasting two weeks! 

Another best part about Gel polish is that you can use different colors every single day without damaging your nails by soaking them in acetone. 

When using regular nail polish remover, the acetone can dry out the cuticles around your nails, causing them to peel and become weak. 

Gel polish works by bonding the color coat with your natural nails so that they grow together as one unit.

Moreover, gel polish is also healthier for your nails than ordinary nail polish because it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals found in some ordinary polishes. If you’re prone to splitting or peeling nails, the gel polish will help keep your nails in good condition.

Gel polish is available in many exciting colors, including soft pastels and darker tones – perfect for any occasion or particular mood you’re feeling.

The Takeaway:

Gel polish is a durable, long-lasting nail formula that stays chip-free for weeks, making it a smarter choice than regular polish.

How to get Gel polish?

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