“There is no second chance for a first impression.” – probably the most quoted saying when it comes to getting to know someone. You want to make a good impression both in your private life and in the world of work.

And especially in the application situation, the pressure is great, because there is only a limited time frame within which an employer decides whether to hire someone or not. So how do you present yourself in your best light to score points in this important conversation? for which we give you important tips to help you along the way.

The Basics of The Perfect Outfit:

No matter what type of interview outfit you choose, one thing applies to all styles: the clothes should have a good fit. So neither too small nor too big, preferably flattering the respective body shape. To be able to concentrate optimally on the person you are talking to, the outfit must not distract you. Nothing is worse than when something pinches, scratches the skin or something constantly slips. This distracts and can unintentionally send the wrong signals to the other person. When choosing an outfit, make sure that you feel comfortable in it.

Which Outfit Suits Which Industry?

Classic Office Job:

Here it does not necessarily have to be the conservative suit or the classic costume. Suit trousers including a matching shirt and tie for men or elegant trousers/skirt combined with a blouse on hotter days or a chic sweater or blazer on cooler days for female suits can also be sufficient.

Creative Industries:

With advertising and creative agencies, the focus is usually different. The most important thing here is to appear dynamic and creative. Too stiff would be out of place here. Pairing nice dark jeans with smart shoes and a shirt or blouse can give just that sense of dynamism you want.

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