Base coats for nails can help improve nail health and appearance. They help “bridge the gap” between your nail bed and the nail polish. 

While base coat color doesn’t show, it serves as a barrier between your base coat and your nail polish color, making sure that the nail polish adheres only to your nails and not to any other surface. 

However, what most people don’t understand is that applying a base coat is incredibly significant in gel manicures. That’s why, today, we decided to write this brief guide to make you understand what happens when you forget a base coat in a gel manicure. 

Basecoat protects your nails from staining from the colored polish and helps the color adhere better, plus it increases its longevity. But if you happen to forget to apply it (it’s understandable, especially when you’re in a rush), there’s one major thing that can occur: discoloration.

Gel nail polishes are made using UV light instead of air to dry. The base coats used in gel manicures are formulated with specific ingredients to help them adhere better to the nails when they are cured under UV light. 

Therefore, when you don’t apply a base coat before applying gel polish, it can lead to discoloration of your natural nails as well as chipping away at the edges within days after application.

Gel manicures are supposed to last much longer than regular manicures, but there’s no way they will if you skip the base coat. The base coat protects your nails from being stained by the polish. So, never forget to apply your base coat first!

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