What is UV MDF Board? Well, if you’re looking for a layer of security and protection for your MDF panels, then you might be interested in finding out more about UV (Ultraviolet) MDF boards.

UV MDF Boards:

UV MDF Board is a board with wood and resin as the main raw material, through hot pressing, sanding, spraying UV paint surface treatment. 

In the surface treatment process of the MDF board, the smoothness and flatness of the board are improved, the hardness, flexibility, and moisture resistance are improved. It is widely used in high-grade furniture, kitchen cabinets, sound boxes, and other products.

UV MDF Board refers to the UV paint applied to the surface of the MDF board. The appearance is beautiful and bright, concise, and not simple. It has very close contact with people’s daily life, covering all aspects of our daily life. 

In terms of color, it can be said that almost all colors can be made according to customer requirements. The texture is also very different from glass steel plates or solid wood boards. It is not just a question of price or cost performance.

The color effect of UV paint on MDF is soft and natural. The glossiness can be adjusted at will according to the glossiness you want (the glossiness is generally between 15% – 80%). And it can also be printed on any pattern you like (any effect can be made), which makes it have many possibilities in terms of color matching and design. This has

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