Almost a decade ago gel nails started to become more and more popular, in part because women started to get creative and change the design on their nails more often. Most people still don’t know many things about gel nail polish. That’s why we decided to write this brief article where we will answer the two most frequently asked questions about gel nails. 

Can I Use a Gel Top Coat Alone? 

The answer is NO. Gel top coat is not formulated to use alone on natural nails or acrylic nails. If you use a gel top coat on your nails without all the other products, it will flake and peel off within a few hours. It will stay on for a long time. 

To make it stay on, you need to use a base coat and color coat. The gel top coat can not glue to the nail by itself. It requires a base coat and additional color coats to act as a bridge to connect the topcoat to the nail. So, we recommend using transparent nail polish rather than a gel top coat to get the glossy, transparent nail look. 

Which Brand of Gel Nail Polish is Best?

You must want to know which brand has the best gel nail polishes. Well, BLUESKY has the best collection of gel nail polish. It is a leading brand dedicated to providing its customers with premium quality gel polishes. 

BLUESKY provides a diversity of colors in gel nail polishes. Their best-selling gel polish collection is Bluesky Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit. It contains one base coat, top coat, three gel polishes in different colors, a nail file, nail buffer, cleaning wipes, and a LED and U.V nail lamp. This kit has everything you may be looking for to create your first gel nails at home. 

Not only does BLUESKY provide high-quality products, but it is also quite reasonable. Their products are vegan, halal, and cruelty-free. Making them the best gel nail polish brand out there. 

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