So, your gel manicure didn’t last long and started to peel off after a day or two? That’s just awful. But, wait! It can be avoided if you use a base coat!

Base Coats:

Base coats are used in the application of nail polish and gels. In fact, the base coat is the first step in any gel manicure. It’s a thin layer of clear, colorless lacquer-like liquid that you paint onto your nails first. It’s not just a primer, though. 

In fact, a Basecoat serves many purposes. They help the polish to adhere better to the nail plate so that it lasts longer. Apart from that, they protect the nail plates and prevent your nails from yellowing or discoloration. In short, they prep your nails for the gel manicure. 

But, how do they work? Well, they are basically clear polishes with a sticky texture which helps the gel polishes stick better to your nails. The chemicals present in them also help to prep your nails for any kind of polish that you may want to put on them. 

Some people think that applying base coats is pointless but even expert nail technicians advise not to skip this step when applying any kind of polish – whether it is a gel or normal nail polish.

Even if you skip this step, the gel polish will still be applied to your nails but you might end up with stained nails that are difficult to recover from if you ever decide to go au naturel again.

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