If you’re a nail polish addict, like me, you’ve probably already heard of the wonders of gel nail polish and have been dying to try them. Manicures are great, but they don’t last very long and chip easily. 

Gel manicures are the solution. With gel nails, you can go two or three weeks without touching up the paint! And when it’s time to take it off, there’s no need to damage your natural nails by peeling off the polish (it will damage them!). You can simply come back to your salon and have a professional remove it for you.

Here are some other reasons for getting a gel manicure:

Fresh and Vibrant Colors:

The color is very vibrant, making your nails look amazing for up to two weeks (and in some cases even three weeks, isn’t it just wow?). You can enjoy having fresh nail color for weeks without worrying about fading color and chipping.

Insane Amount of Different Colors Available:

You can choose from thousands of colors – there is a wide selection available in most brands such as BLUESKY, a leading gel nail polish brand that offers hundreds of different gel colors such as pastel, nude, and cat-eye gel nail polish

Quick dry and Fix:

Gel nails dry instantly under UV light so there’s no worry about smudging them before they dry. They are very tough so they won’t get chipped easily. 

If you do end up with minor chips in your polish, you can just buff them out without having to redo all 10 nails or doing the whole manicure again. This is what makes them way easier to handle compared to acrylic. 

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