To remove UV gel, you need a nail file and a solvent containing acetone. 

Note: Sharp, coarse objects are not suitable for removal. So you not only risk injuring your skin, but also the nail bed. It is also important that you use a nail oil after you have completely removed the polish from your hands or feet. Your nails will feel a bit rough at first and sometimes show discoloration. 

A suitable nail care oil is a blessing for skin and horns, gives the nails suppleness and prepares them for the next polish. 

Tip: Before you use other products, give your nails some regeneration time until they are more resilient and elastic again.

Women who naturally have delicate and brittle nails should seek out a professional nail designer for detailed advice. If you use any products without knowing your nail structure better, you will only put additional strain on your fingernails. 

Basically, it is better to opt for an acrylic polish that your nail designer will mix and apply on site. Many professionals advise against using a gel product if the nails have a brittle, weak structure.

When removing gel polish, always use products that contain acetone. A best gel nail polish remover, which you can buy at your nail salon, usually needs to sit for at least 15 minutes if you want to completely remove the gel. 

Always file off the top layer first before applying the acetone-containing content. It’s also important that you don’t scrape off the gel, as this can often damage the cuticle underneath. Instead, ask a specialist if the last residues can no longer be removed or always go to a nail salon to gently remove the gel.

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