The key of gel nail polish is not only to create a gorgeous manicure but additionally to decorate the nails in such a way that the finishing does not shed its appealing look for a long time. However how to apply gel varnish so that it does not break also after a few days?

To create an excellent manicure with your own hands, you require to understand some keys that will help you get wonderful nails. Right here are a couple of secret pointers that may aid extend the life of your gel manicure:

  • Avoid using your nails way too much. If you have a tendency to pick at points or open containers with your nails, then you will certainly wish to avoid doing this while putting on gel nail gloss. Every time your nails are available in contact with something abrasive, it will cause a few of the polish to wear away.
  • Ensure that your nails are entirely dry prior to applying the polish. See to it that you offer your nails lots of time to completely dry entirely before using any kind of nail polish on top of them.
  • Apply a slim layer of clear gloss at least once a week to keep things looking shiny and also fresh.


Gel nail polish is just one of the most sturdy and also lasting sorts of nail polish that you can utilize. In fact, the Gel gloss is so sturdy that you can anticipate it to last greater than two weeks without breaking. If you like gel polish, then you most likely wish to make certain that your manicures last as long as feasible.

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