Lasts up to three weeks, scratch and impact resistant: professional gel polish, offers numerous advantages compared to conventional nail polish. But now it is often said in the press and on the Internet that gel nail polish is carcinogenic and unhealthy for the nails. 

Many women who rely on the nail design trend are unsure. Does that mean for all nail fashionistas: beauty versus health? What is the truth behind the statement that gel nail polish is unhealthy or even responsible for cancer? We will clarify!

Does Gel Nail Polish Break The Nail?

A nail polish that lasts up to three weeks and that neither bumps nor scratches can harm? That can’t be healthy, can it? The great properties of gel nail polish, come from the innovative combination of conventional nail polish with gel.

However, it is often said that gel nail polish is unhealthy. The ingredients of the paints do not contain any harmful substances. Because it is not the varnish itself that damages the nails.     

Rather, removing the polish can lead to brittle nails because the nail plate is attacked. After all, the UV variant does not dry in the air like conventional nail polish, but under an LED/UV lamp. In addition, the statement that gel nail polish is unhealthy refers to the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

This Is How You Do It Right: 

First of all, you should always use high-quality gel nail polishes for nail design and not save them in the wrong place. Because your health should be worth that much to you. The most effective way to prevent infections is with appropriate hygiene.

For the professional removal of nail art, there are special removers that protect the nail from drying out. Together with the remover pads, the removers lead to good results when removing the nail polish. 

Above all, caution and patience are required. You can prevent cracked nails by providing them with sufficient moisture and greasing them.

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