You Don’t Use A Top And Base Coat:

This is one of the most common reasons why your manicure doesn’t last as long as others. The top and base coat serves to make the manicure as long-lasting as possible. The base coat acts as a glue for nail polish, while the topcoat is a clear and extra strong topcoat that serves as a protective layer. 

Extra tip: Apply top coat every other day if your nail polish tends to chip easily.

Your Nails Are Dry And Brittle:

Our nails are like our skin and are different for everyone. Some of us have stronger nails, others have delicate and brittle nails. Dry nails tend to be brittle and break more easily. If nails break easily and you are struggling to grow long nails, this could be a sign that the nails are dry and brittle. 

If the nails break quickly, the nail polish will also peel off faster. For this reason, it is important to take good care of your hands, keep them supple and invest in a good hand scrub. You should also apply some nail oil to your nails from time to time. 

Last but not least, it’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet built around essential vitamins and nutrients that are important for skin and nails.

You Are Not Wearing Gloves While Working With Water:

When hands come into contact with water, they become softer. The same goes for nail polish and it will peel off faster as a result. That is why it is extremely important to wear gloves when doing certain activities such as washing dishes, cleaning, or gardening to protect the manicure. 

You’re not wrapping the nail correctly:

When painting your nails, we always recommend carefully painting the tip of the nail. In this way, the nail is neatly ‘wrapped’ and the polish no longer starts to splinter at the tip so easily (because nail polish usually starts to splinter at the tip).

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