The good news first: lovers of gel nails do not have to do without them during pregnancy. UV gel does not contain any harmful substances that can get into the bloodstream. The glue that is used is partly used in the medical field and is therefore also harmless. 

In addition, gel causes significantly fewer fumes than, for example, acrylic. So you can reassure your customers: gel polish colors during pregnancy do not pose any risk for either the mother or the unborn child.

With acrylic nails, on the other hand, the situation is different: acrylic has a much more intense smell. Many pregnant women become nauseous from the intense odor. 

In addition, increased hypersensitivity reactions in pregnant women have been documented with acrylic nails (e.g. allergic reactions). Gel nails are therefore the much more recommendable option during pregnancy!

Important to know: When filing artificial fingernails, fine dust is produced, which the pregnant woman should avoid inhaling if possible. This is regardless of whether it is acrylic or gel nails. 

However, this can be easily remedied by having the customer wear a face mask during the entire treatment and also opening a window. Make sure that you have integrated a strong dust extraction system into the table to protect yourself and your customers in the long term.

Peculiarities In Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, the entire hormone balance runs at full speed, which is noticeable in various physical changes. Among other things, the fingernails grow back faster and stronger. This can affect the durability of the gel nails. 

If the natural nail grows back, the artificial nails can tear more easily or the modeling detaches from the nail plate. This not only looks ugly but can also lead to infections in the worst case. These, in turn, can be dangerous for the unborn child.

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