When modeling gel nails, we distinguish between three different methods:

  • Natural gel reinforcement
  • Template modeling
  • Tip modeling

The following materials are required for gel nails:

  1. Disinfectant 
  2. Files 
  3. Buffers 
  4. Dust brushes
  5. Cellettes 
  6. Per pusher
  7. Nail templates or tips
  8. Nail oil our tip above is perfect!
  9. Adhesive gel
  10. Building gel
  11. Sealing gel
  12. UV/Led light
  13. Nail gel polish

First, disinfect your hands. Remove the cuticles with a pro pusher and file your natural nails into the desired shape and length. Now matt the nail plate with a buffer until it is no longer shiny and remove the nail dust with a dust brush. If you want longer gel nails, stick on the appropriate tip or use the template.

So far so good, now you can start modeling your gel nails in at least 3 layers. Apply the adhesive gel thinly to your nail and cure it under UV/LED light. This creates an inhibition layer, please do not remove it. 

In the second step, the build-up gel is used. If you have planned a French nail design or nail art, the build-up layer should also be very thin and get thinner towards the edges. After hardening, the sweat layer is removed with a cellette soaked in cleaner.

After you have completed the gel modeling, you can start filing. Finally, you seal the gel nail and take care of gel nails.

Seal Gel Nails:

To do this, you first shape the structure of the artificial nails so that no more dents can be seen. You then use the buffer to eliminate the last bumps. Now apply the sealing gel and cure it again under the UV/LED device. The inhibition layer is removed with the Cleaner. Last but not least, you can massage the cuticles with good nail oil. This ensures the finish of your gel nails.

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