Beautiful and well-groomed hands – the main evidence that the girl is watching her appearance. Therefore, manicure plays an important role in creating a harmonious image. A variety of nail decorations is amazing: French manicure, regular coating, or gel polish, not to mention the variety of designs and patterns on the nail plate.

What just does not come up for artificial nail art! The completely latest innovation is capturing popularity – design with foil on gel nail polish. You shouldn’t confuse it with any type of food foil, since a special foil material is used to decorate the nail plate.

Manicurists really appreciated the foil for its plasticity and shine. In addition, you can create an incredible and unique decor that looks simply luxurious. Doing such a manicure at home is quite simple, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon for this.

In order to properly apply for such coverage, you must acquire all the necessary attributes:

  • Standard manicure set that will allow putting in order a cuticle and the shape of the nails.
  • Gel polish coating: primer, base coat, topcoat.
  • Colors needed for gel polish.
  • Foil.
  • Glue or emulsion (used as glue for foil).
  • Orange stick.
  • All this will help you to make a quality manicure at home.

It should be noted immediately that there are several variants of foil for the design of the nail plate:

Tear off – It’s a fairly condensed and long-lasting material, it’s made in rolls or stickers. To fix it on the nails, you can use the method of gluing or applying heat. 

Certain parts of the pattern are cut out of this type of foil and very carefully applied to the nail with tweezers. Excess material must be removed with a nail file. Very often this option is used in aquarium design.

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