Well-groomed beauty is always in fashion. These two phenomena are characteristic of both girls and men. But for the men, everything was much easier, getting up in the morning, washing, shaving, wearing the same shirt and pants as yesterday and going to work. But the girls who said they weren’t there have a lot of questions and dilemmas. What are you wearing today? What kind of hairstyle do you have? How to compose? And more? Yes like?” Body care is an integral part of every woman’s daily ritual. Particular attention is paid to the care of hands and nails. The image of a modern girl is difficult to give without well-groomed and neat nails with gel polish manicure. Today, due to its amazing properties, gel polish has become an “idol” for both nail salon masters and clients. And this is not surprising. Because it is so comfortable, beautiful and high quality. It’s no wonder to admire such great tools as gel polish. We want to give you interesting facts about him, and I’m sure you’ll love him even more afterwards.

Gel polish. Variety

Gel polish is a composite material for creating decorative nail polishes, consisting of regular nail polish and modeling gel. By combining the properties of these two materials into one, you can create the ideal decorative surface for your nails.

Types of gel polish

Main types of gel polish:

Solid color: classic color coating.

Camouflage: the most natural and natural colors close to the color of the skin: flesh, peach, pink.

Shimmery: In other words, these are shimmery gel polishes. Manufacturers are experimenting with adding glitter of different colors and sizes to gel polish. In our online store stylish novelty-Diamond Ball Gel Polish. You will definitely shine with it!

Cat’s Eye: is a gel polish that contains the smallest particles of metal. Thanks to this, special magnets can be used to orient the particles and create iridescent patterns.

Watercolors with their help you can create the effect of smooth watercolor transitions between colors. Such gel polish has a special texture.

Stained glass is a translucent textured gel polish that allows you to create designs such as glass mosaics and aqua manicure.

Thermal gel polish that changes color depending on the ambient temperature.

Chameleon: This gel polish contains particles that respond to changes in lighting. The color changes when exposed to light.

Luminous gel polish that glows under neon or UV lights.

These are the main types of gel polishes, and in fact there are many more.

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