Gel nail polish is an excellent creation and we are sure you have friends that speak highly of it and that’s why you are right here checking out if it deserves the cash and also time.

Gel nail gloss has actually revolutionized the nail sector. They last much longer than conventional polishes, they do not chip quickly as well as they look wonderful on the nails. However, there are cons to this kind of manicure also as well as we are going to take a look at them.

Gel Nail Polish Pros:

They last for about 2-3 weeks on your nails. The color does not discolor or chip quickly as well as this is probably the most significant reason why many individuals select this type of manicure over the standard one. It saves additional time since you don’t have to repaint your nails over and over once more after 2-3 days to make them look great once more.

There are various types of gel nail brightens readily available in stores nowadays, so you can really try out different shades and also designs up until you locate the ones that fit your demands best. You can select from clear gels, tinted gels, or formed gels.

Gel Nail Polish Disadvantages:

One of the most significant disadvantages of obtaining a gel nail polish is that it is extremely pricey. Gel manicures cost concerning $45 per browse through rather than normal manicures which have to do half the cost.

Additionally, you need to see to it you are most likely to a knowledgeable nail technician to ensure that your nails do not chip or peel off prematurely. If your nails do chip or remove before the three-week mark, you take the chance of harmful your all-natural nails and damaging them with time.

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