• Problem nails: Problem nails are those in which the gel layer does not adhere to the natural nail despite following the work steps. They may be too greasy or have other problems. Especially with such nails, a primer and an adhesive gel must be applied to avoid lifting.
  • Coating the nails: The correct coating of each layer in nail modeling is particularly important. If this information is not followed during professional gel polish modeling, the corners and edges of the fingernails will lift and the modeling will flake off.
  • The selected tips do not fit: If the selected tips are too convex or too small, strong pressure builds up on your natural nail. The consequence is the lifting of the modeling and the ultimate flaking off of the tip including the material.
  • Stress point/construction layer: If the stress point of the construction is not correctly modeled, the material will not withstand great pressure, for example when pushing. It, therefore, leads to liability problems, which are expressed in liftings.
  • Problems with the adhesive gel: The adhesive gel may have been applied too thickly or too thinly, or not cured under the UV lamp for long enough.
  • Old modeling was not removed properly: When refilling, the old modeling with the loose material is completely removed so that the new modeling gets a firm hold. However, if there is still loose material from the old modeling under the new nail modeling, this can quickly lead to lifting, which causes the entire modeling to lift.
  • Mistakes in finishing the modeling: You may have filed too much on the cured product, or used too much pressure when filing your nail modeling. Please always file carefully at the nail fold, otherwise, it can lead to a high-pressure load on the new modeling.

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