The modeling of gel nails on the natural fingernails is one of several methods of artificial nail lengthening. Since gel nails cannot be easily removed again, they usually have to be professionally renewed after a while.

An alternative to this is to file the gel nails yourself. However, you should take a few things into account, as the nails can be damaged by incorrect filing.

In order not to remove too much material when filing the gel nails, you should use a nail file that is as fine as possible, with which you can shape the nails perfectly.

This Is How The Artificial Nails Can Be Filed:

  • When filing the gel nails, hold your fingertips towards you so that you can look at them from the front and side.
  • This hand position will make it much easier for you to get the nails into the right shape with the sides as straight as possible and not diverging at the front. 
  • To ensure that the nails do not become thicker at the tip, you should position the file at a slight angle and file the nails, especially from below, in order to also get the natural nails.
  • File rather slowly and with little pressure so that no heat is generated on the nails. Filing the gel nails requires a great deal of sensitivity and should be carried out carefully and with concentration.
  • You can then polish the nails with different gel polish colors to a high gloss with a polishing file.
  • After filing, remove all filing dust and clean the gel nails with a suitable cleaner.
  • Since the sealing of the gel nails is necessarily destroyed by filing, you should renew them afterward. To do this, simply apply an appropriate sealing gel to the surface of the nails and let it dry for a few minutes. And the gel nails are tip-top again.

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