The base coat is a protective agent prior to using the nail shade, and also there are about 2 kinds, “nourishing type” and “surface conditioning kind”, which aid the nail color to establish a lovely coating.

1. Before using the skim coat, remove excess oil and also dirt from the nail surface area. This will certainly make your nails last much longer. Make a cotton stick, moisten the cotton stick with a remover, and wipe it off in a round motion.

2. The rear of your nails is typically filthy, so don’t neglect to wipe it off.

2. When using nail shade, base coat, or top coat, it is very important to brush the brush before applying it. Press one side of the brush with the mouth of the bottle to change the amount of nail color. Right now, the point is to make the brush fan-shaped, as well as produce a state where the fluid is on just one side.

3. Initially, put on the back of the nail. Next off, apply from the center of the nail surface. Area a brush slightly in front of the hairline of the nail and gently press it down to the tip of the nail to use it all at the same time. Right now, attempt to make the width of the brush also.

4. Next, use left as well as right. Make sure to turn the part to be repainted towards your body. Also, to make sure that you can use it to the sides. Spread the location to be applied with the pad of your finger.

5. Along with aiming your finger towards your body, you can also put your hand on the table. Even if you are not the dominant hand that is tough to apply, you can complete it stably and perfectly.

When painting the left as well as best sides of the nail this way, turn your finger and change to make sure that the component to be painted is on top. This completes the basic nail treatment.

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