Professional gel polish modelings are often used to strengthen natural nails, especially if your fingernails are too soft and keep breaking off. The gel layer not only enables more stability but also protects the natural nail from all external influences. 

Even with chewed, discolored, or deformed nails, nail modeling with gel is possible. This does not solve the actual problem, but it can be concealed a little optically. With natural nail reinforcement, the nail is only strengthened, but not lengthened at the tip. This is also possible with short fingernails. 

If, on the other hand, you want longer nails, you can opt for the template or tip modeling. To treat brittle fingernails with gel, it is best to use fiberglass gels. These contain added glass fiber particles,

Although gel nails are artificial compared to natural nails, they are much healthier than acrylic and also more durable than normal nails. Nevertheless, nail gels have a different consistency than simple nail polish. 

Therefore, nail gel is often cured with a UV lamp, which greatly speeds up the drying process. The gel is always applied in three phases and layers. It is a healthier alternative to acrylic nails that is suitable for all nail types. 

However, gel nails also have disadvantages when worn permanently. The natural nail becomes thinner and more brittle over time and the cuticles are attacked. The problem also remains that artificial nails are more difficult to clean and so germs or bacteria accumulate. 

If the nail cannot breathe or is insufficiently cured, more serious problems can arise. Although the gel has a protective function, it also removes oxygen from the natural nail. If you remove the gel nails again, your fingernails need some time to recover and build up the keratin layer again.

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