Drawer boxes are one of the most sought-after packaging types for different products like toys, cosmetics, jewellery, electronic items, etc. 

As the name suggests, a drawer box is a kind of box that has a pull-out or sliding drawer. The drawer starts from the bottom of the box and is usually on one side of the box. The other three sides of the box are usually open while one side has a drawer. Most often, this type of packaging is used for shipping purposes. However, there are other uses as well such as storage boxes, gift boxes, and so on. 

The drawer slides in and out with little pressure applied on its tab which is usually attached to its front. The drawer can be made to slide in and out with ease by adding a mechanism within the box which allows it to move with less pressure.

Drawer Boxes are also called drawer cartons because they have a pullout tray that is housed in the main carton. The tray slides out just like a drawer and holds the packaged product in place. They can be made in different sizes and shapes according to your requirements.

Why Are Drawer Boxes Important?

The primary purpose of using drawer boxes is to hold delicate items safely in place without them getting damaged during transportation. These boxes come with an inner tray that holds the item securely while the box is being shipped. They also protect them against dust and moisture so that they stay clean and fresh until they reach their destination.

If you have fragile items in your inventory, then you should get these boxes custom-made for your products. You can put them in a bigger box for safe shipping or use them as gift boxes for packing special items.

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