Impress friends and family with magnificently covered gifts. The Japanese folding technique is straightforward as well as suitable also for total beginners. If their gifts are square or rectangle-shaped, you can cover them as the Japanese do. Computer games, publications, sugary foods, calendars, and all type of boxes can be loaded.

We start with the very first folding directions. It is incredibly very easy as well as ideal also for novices.

The needed materials for the craft job are:

  • A set of scissors,
  • covering paper (colored or ordinary),.
  • A present closed in a rigid box,
  • A leader,.
  • Double-sided tape.
  1. First, reduce the covering paper. See to it that the notepad is 10 centimeters larger and also 20 cm longer than the present.
  2. Initially, place the covering paper to ensure that the bottom is facing up. Fold it in half and then fold 6 strips concerning 3cm large on top of each other.
  3. You now need to unravel the covering paper, transform it over and crease the folds up with the ruler. After that, transform the covering paper over again to ensure that the inside is facing you.
  4. Location the gift between, leaving concerning 5 cm left and right.
  5. Wrap the gift in the paper and glue both sides of the lengthy sides with each other.
  6. Press the covering paper on the short left side from the top of the gift. Fold the bottom side in to form a triangular.
  7. Wrinkle the bottom side and also glue it to the gift. Repeat the process on the various other brief side.

Allow your imagination run cost-free as well as cover today in such a way that they look excellent. Our pointer: Choose a color scheme as well as acquire two – 3 blinds of tinted covering paper. Make welcoming cards out of the paper and afterwards decorate the here and now with a good bow.

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