Water glass casting foundry in China is one of the maximum not unusual places for funding casting procedures in China, however, is seldom in different countries. In Chinese funding casting foundries, approximately 80% of foundries attention its enterprise in water glass casting, at the same time as the relaxation are silica sol casting factories. So what’s water glass casting?

Water glass casting, one form of misplaced wax funding casting system, makes use of water glass because of the binder for the shell. The beginning of water glass casting is in Russia. The process of water glass casting is what we defined in the funding casting system, with this method, it’s far appropriate for metal castings, mainly for carbon metal and alloy metal castings. It permits providing metal castings starting from 0.5kg-60kg.

Water Glass Investment Casting Process

Wax Injection

For every casting to be made, melted wax is injected right into a mildew to provide a wax sample of the casting. The wax molds are built of Aluminum and sized to account for shrinkage withinside the wax and metallic which can be being used. Wax tooling stages from easy piece dies, to multi-hollow space automatic dies and complicated dies offering water-soluble or ceramic cores.

Wax Assembly

Once the wax styles have cooled and settled to a strong length and shape, they may be hooked up onto a sprue or tree. The sprue, additionally made from wax, includes all the essential gates, and runners and helps to thoroughly feed the element for the duration of the casting system.

Shell Building

The wax sprue is now “invested” in ceramics to create the mold for the metallic to be poured into. The ceramic includes parts, a liquid slurry included with dry sand. Each sprue is included in more than one layer of slurry and sand till the ceramic shell is thick sufficient to maintain up for the duration of the casting system. The shell constructing system typically takes 24 hours, with everywhere from 2 days to nearly 2 weeks for the shells to absolutely dry.


Once the shell has dried, the wax is melted with the usage of an autoclave to counteract the enlargement of the wax. The shells are then fired to dispose of any final wax residue and therapy the ceramic shell. Once the shells had been fired, they may be now geared up for the casting system.


The processed shells are located lower back withinside the oven to be pre-heated previous to casting. Once the shells are at the right temperature and the molten metallic has been organized and qualified, the shells are eliminated from the oven and the metallic is poured into the shells.


The shell is hammered, media blasted, vibrated, waterjet, or chemically dissolved (from time to time with liquid nitrogen) to launch the casting. The sprue is reduced and recycled. The casting may also then be wiped clean as much as dispose of symptoms and symptoms of the casting system, typically via way of means of grinding.

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