custom laser cutting machine

Before you buy a, you should consider several factors. Read on to learn about XY gantry, Frequency, and Power consumption. Then, you can choose the model that meets your requirements. After that, you can go for the next step. Depending on the type of cutting job, you can even choose a model with a Flying optics. However, keep in mind that a Flying optics machine is not for every situation.

XY gantry

An XY gantry laser cutting machine is an excellent machine for sportswear and other high-end fabrics. It can cut through various types of fabrics with ease, including jerseys, microfiber, stretch and polyester. It features a conveyor working table with an automatic feeder for the material to be processed. In addition to this, it can also perforate various kinds of sportswear fabrics. Lastly, the machine can produce a variety of different patterns and can accommodate a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

Flying optics

If you’re in need of a, you may have come across a flying optics custom laser cutting machine. A flying optics laser cutting machine is unique in that the workpiece remains stationary while the mirrors move in the X and Y axes. Because the workpiece remains stationary, a flying optics system is easier to predict, and the sheet weight is not limited. But a flying optics system does have one drawback: it creates a varying beam size. It’s not perfectly parallel to the sheet, but it always diverges slightly.


The frequency of a custom laser cutting machine is an important parameter to consider. The higher the frequency, the more heat the cutting machine will generate and the risk of fire. A lower frequency is better for wood, plastic, and acrylic. High-frequency lasers are good for cutting thin materials like plastic, but wood and acrylic will require lower frequency lasers. Higher-frequency machines will generate more heat and will burn the material.

Power consumption

The main optical component of a laser cutting system is the laser. Several types of laser generators produce different qualities of laser beams. Imported lasers are often superior to domestic lasers in terms of beam quality and stability. However, imported lasers are more expensive. The power consumption of a laser cutting machine should be closely monitored by the owner. The manufacturer of the laser cutting machine should be contacted at the first sign of problems.

Materials that can be cut

Custom laser cutting machines allow the user to create precise parts without the need for expensive tools and machinery. They can produce precision cuts in any material, including wood, metal, and plastic. Laser cutting technology has been used in manufacturing industries for decades. The benefits of using this technology are many, but some of the most notable are detailed and precise parts for automotive parts and other applications. However, there are some limitations to this process.


The costs of a custom laser cutting machine vary widely. The price is affected by many factors, including the thickness of the material to be cut and the lead time for the laser to warm up. This factor is not as important for high-volume orders, which don’t require the laser to be reset as often. Shipping prices vary, too, depending on the weight of the parts and where they are shipped. Shipping regulations also influence the cost of shipping.

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