laser fabric cutting machine

With the advancement of technology, the cutting methods of the fabric have changed significantly. With the invention of the, businesses can finally break the cycle of manual or electric shears, which are both slow and difficult to typeset. The helps solve these problems and is an excellent option for large-scale fabric processing. Its operation is simple and fast, and users can enter their dimensions and graphics on the touch screen to start the process of cutting the material.

CO2 lasers

The CO2 laser for fabric cutting machine is a very versatile tool that offers three distinct advantages over other types of lasers: it’s adjustable, doesn’t use too much power, and doesn’t need to be in constant contact with the material you’re cutting. This machine’s large working area of two meters makes it suitable for a variety of industries. Another advantage is that it’s extremely easy to maintain and can be easily adapted to different fabrics.

High-quality lens

Optical lenses for laser fabric cutting machines are an important part of the laser cutting machine. Unlike a normal cutting machine, a laser fabric cutting machine uses a high-precision focusing lens. Proper installation of the optical lens is essential to the performance of the machine. High-quality lenses should be positioned correctly in the machine to ensure proper cutting. A high-quality lens can help to prevent a laser from focusing on the wrong surface and damage the workpiece.

Noble gas blowing system

A noble gas blowing system is an essential part of a laser fabric cutting machine. The high pressure gas blows the molten material away, leaving the workpiece clean and ready for further use. The system is designed to maximize the efficiency of a laser fabric cutting machine by allowing a constant distance between the laser generator and the workpiece. This process increases the machine’s cutting speed while minimizing the number of parts required for beam delivery.

Multiple shapes with the same level of thickness

You may have noticed that some laser fabric cutting machines have the ability to cut multiple shapes with the same level of thickness. The difference between the two lies in the cutting head, which fires a continuous laser at the material. The laser cutter driver then reads the vector paths in the design. The laser will cut the thinnest lines, and thicker ones will be rasterized. These differences are why you may find different levels of thickness for different shapes, including those with more intricate features.

Suitable for plush toy cloth processing

Suitable for plush toy cloth processing requires cutting quality that meets the highest standards. The materials used for making these toys are soft and pliable, and they are often stuffed with PVC pellets or fiber fill. The process begins by cutting pieces from a multi-layered plush fabric. Using a special hand tool, these pieces are then sewed together by seamstresses. Afterwards, the stuffed plush toys are stuffed with fiber fill or PVC pellets.

Automotive interiors

The CO2 laser cutting machine is an excellent choice for car dashboard cutting. A laser cut is more accurate and quicker than punching dies, and CO2 machines are more economical for small batch orders. CO2 lasers produce consistent, clean cuts on all materials, including leather and technical textiles. Unlike punching dies, CO2 lasers can be programmable to produce any pattern or design. These tools can be integrated into production systems to increase efficiency and reduce rework.

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