There are a variety of different types of metal laser cutters. Some can cut stainless steel, tool steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, spring and other types of steel. Other types of metals can be cut using a, including alloys such as iron, aluminum, copper, silver, gold, manganese, cobalt, chromium, and more. Whether you are in the market for a for your home, office, or business, you can find one that fits your needs.

Fibre lasers

The fibre laser has several advantages when it comes to cutting metal. Firstly, it has a shorter wavelength than the CO2 lasers, which means that the energy is more absorbed into the metal, resulting in more precision and higher optical density. Also, because of the small spot size of the fiber laser, it is easier to make precise cuts and produce more pieces per square foot of sheet metal. The laser is also more cost-effective, with the price of a fibre laser machine typically being significantly cheaper.

Moving material lasers

When deciding which metal laser cutter to use, it is important to understand the differences between CO2 and fiber lasers. Fiber lasers emit light at a lower wavelength, so they are not reflective. They are also more focused, allowing the beam to reach a small spot around one tenth of the size of a CO2 beam. Additionally, the shorter wavelength gives them a higher power density, which makes metal cutting easier. This higher power density also causes metal to undergo a phase change, initiating an efficient cutting process.

Pulsed lasers

A metal laser cutter uses a high-powered pulsed light source to cut through metal. Its cutting precision depends on the material thickness and the kerf width of the laser beam. A stainless steel laser cutter has better accuracy than an aluminum laser cutter, but the former will produce a smoother section. Pulsed lasers are also more expensive. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a metal laser cutter.

Copper lasers

Laser-cut copper has many advantages over hand-cut copper. For one thing, it can be mass-produced, whereas hand-cut copper requires great skill and experience. And because copper reflects light, laser-cutting techniques can also be used to add designs to the metal. Listed below are some of the benefits of copper laser cutting over hand-cut copper. You’ll be able to make copper-based objects for more than just personal use.


The 3D FabLight metal laser cutter is one of the leading manufacturers of high-speed laser equipment. It was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from an independent research lab to bend the cost curve of metal laser cutters. Founded with a government grant, 3D FabLight is based in Oakland, California. Its fiber laser cutter has proven its usefulness in both military and educational applications.


The JustCut metal laser cutter is designed for processing metal sheets. With up to 3kW of laser output, the JustCut cuts a wide variety of metals. The machine features a double servomotor, chain, and sprocket structure for improved speed. It can engrave various materials, including steel, aluminium, sheet metal, and copper. Listed below are some of the features of the JustCut metal laser cutter.

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