coconut laser cutting machine

A is one of the newest additions to the market, offering many advantages to the consumers. This machine combines cutting, engraving, and perforating functions into one machine. You can easily cut a circle with this machine, or engrave various LOGO characters. Coconut laser cutting machines are completely safe for your family, and the food inside the coconut shell will not be affected. This machine can also cut a variety of materials, including leather, wood, metal, and plastic.

A laser marking machine can also mark the fruit’s label. Often times, local and imported fruit is branded with a label that is difficult to read. With a laser marking machine, you can have the label removed without damaging the fruit’s pulp. This helps prevent counterfeiting by making it easier to identify a particular fruit by its label. This machine is very efficient, and has many other advantages as well. For example, you can use it to mark the price of a coconut, or to create a fruit label.

The laser can cut virtually any material. It can cut virtually any material, from soft plastics to thin metals. Different cutting gas and pressure can also impact the cutting process. Oxygen is a common cutting gas, and it is blown into the kerf with up to 6 bar pressure. Oxygen then burns and melts the metal, which generates energy that supports the laser beam. Flame cutting is a popular option for thin sheet metals, but it is not always ideal for this application.

Some materials are dangerous when laser cut. For example, polystyrene may catch fire if the cutting process fails. Fibreglass, which is a composite made of glass and epoxy resin, will also discolour badly. Plastics like ABS and HDPE should be cut using another method, since the laser will melt the material. Otherwise, it can seriously damage the laser cutting machine. The may cause serious damage to your machine.

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