How to Make an Oil Painting

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If you’d like to make an oil painting, you’ll need to create an image using a photo editing software program. These programs allow you to turn pictures into beautiful oil paintings and add watermarks. They also make collages and perform general editing tasks. BeFunky is an example of one of these programs. You can use it to create an oil painting from any image that you can upload online. Alternatively, you can also try out AKVIS OilPaint for free.

AKVIS OilPaint

You can use AKVIS OilPaint Maker to create unique, artistic paintings. After you’ve imported an image, the application opens up in a new window with a preview window. On the left side of the window is the Control Panel, which includes buttons for undo/redo, showing or hiding strokes, and importing/exporting presets. From the Control Panel, you can also choose the format and the folder where you want to save the result. The Control Panel also has buttons for launching information dialogs, setting the preferences, and previewing the results.

AKVIS OilPaint has an impressive collection of presets for different effects. You can also customize some of the settings manually, such as stroke thickness, maximum length, and intensity. It also comes with text customization, which will allow you to customize the text, overlay it with the image, change the color, or add an outline and glow to it. The software includes a texture library to help you further customize your text.

AKVIS OilPaint Maker turns photographs into oil paintings. This software has a special algorithm for artistically applying brush strokes to images. This means that it accurately reproduces the appearance of brush strokes that would be found in a real oil painting. While creating an oil painting is an elaborate process, the AKVIS OilPaint Maker software allows anyone to be a painter. The software allows you to change your image to make it look like a masterpiece!


For those who like to tinker with their photos, the Photofunia oil painting maker can be just the thing. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your images into oil paintings, with options for applying different types of effects. This app is available on both Android and iPhone, and is ad supported. Users can download the finished paintings in a variety of sizes, including canvas, cardstock, and photopaper.

It can be accessed through the app’s menu, where you can select any photo you wish to convert to an oil painting. Once you’ve done that, you can add text to your creation, adjust the color and contrast, and adjust the size of your output. Photofunia oil painting maker lets you choose multiple photo editing tools, including frames, borders, tone, and recolor. You can also customize the image by selecting from a variety of canvas tiles.


The FotoSketcher oil painting maker lets you add many effects to digital images, including watercolor and oils. Moreover, it allows you to add text and custom frames. Despite being a free software, the program does require some time to process your images. However, the results are truly worth the wait. The software also lets you combine effects and load finer brushes. However, it does take some time to convert your photos into oil paintings.

One of the major benefits of FotoSketcher is the realistic simulation of traditional media, ranging from pencil sketches to watercolors. Another feature that makes it useful is its basic photo editor, with a variety of filters and editing tools. You can also script the application to apply different effects at once. However, the software only supports JPEG, PNG, and BMP images. Nevertheless, if you can afford the price, you can make an oil painting out of your digital images.

Another plus of FotoSketcher is its ease of use. This program is user-friendly and offers an easy split-screen interface. The left side of the screen displays the source image, while the right shows previews of the filters and effects that you’ve selected. You can easily change the settings in the lower half of the screen to adjust its look. You can also save your oil painting work to Flickr and Pinterest. This software also allows you to share your works on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

The free app is available in both Windows and Mac versions. PaintMyImage offers several features including the ability to add a frame and a watermark to your image. You can even convert an image to sketch and convert it to another format. PaintMyImage supports BMP, PNG, and JPG. It also offers three options for oil painting: sharpening, smoothing, and resizing. The first option allows you to adjust the parameters of the painting.

Apart from its ease of use, FotoSketcher offers an extensive set of styles and effects. Moreover, it supports batch mode. Using FotoSketcher is free of cost, and there is no learning curve. Apart from retouching photos, FotoSketcher also offers many other features, including automatic contrast improvement, changing colour saturation, adding frames, and more. This free software will allow you to turn your digital photos into artwork in a matter of seconds.


Achieve a professional-looking oil painting look in seconds with BeFunky’s oil painting maker. With detailed brushstrokes and vibrant colors, the Oil Painting effect replicates the look of a real oil painting, without the messy mess. It can turn photos into watercolors and morph photos into paintings. The user-friendly interface allows for fast and easy photo editing and sharing. If you’re looking for an easy way to create oil paintings from photos, you can use the Watercolor effect.

Its Artsy Effects make transforming your favorite photo into a beautiful oil painting a snap. You can even save your completed painting to your computer, Facebook or your BeFunky account to share with your friends. The software allows you to create oil paintings in a matter of minutes and offers a variety of styles. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can print it or share it on social media.

Another great option for those who want to create beautiful masterpieces without spending a fortune on art supplies is BeFunky’s Oil Painting maker. This online platform allows you to import photos and edit them to create a professional-looking oil painting. Using it is as simple as dragging an image into the workspace and selecting an effect preset. You can even customize the size of your brushes and erase unwanted areas of the photo.

Photo to art effects are also available on BeFunky. The Sketcher and Inkify tools turn your photos into works of art with just a few clicks. If you don’t have time to spend hours editing photos, you can use the Artsy effect to create a masterpiece in a snap. Traditional arts can take two weeks to dry, but BeFunky will produce professional-quality images in minutes.

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