High gloss acrylic MDF board

The high gloss acrylic surfaces are laminated onto super refined MDF with Germany PUR hot-melt glue to achieve a mirror-like reflection. These surfaces are provided with high-quality service and guaranteed quality. The high-quality raw materials used for forging the upper products are carefully selected. Strict control sampling and testing process is implemented to ensure the excellence of each link. High gloss acrylic surfaces are widely used in the field of interior decoration and manufacturing.

Senosan AM 1800 TopX

The high gloss acrylic panels of the SENO SA range are ideal for almost any interior project and offer excellent scratch resistance and depth of colour. They come in a choice of two different front styles and come with matching edging. Select decors are available in 3D acrylic, providing a unique stepped look. Senosan AM 1800 TopX is guaranteed for seven years, making it the ideal material for any interior project.

The resulting high-gloss surface of the Senosan AM 1800 TopX high-gloss acrylic boards is unique, providing a stunning, multilayered finish with an excellent depth of colour. The acrylic sheets are laminated onto a durable https://www.hmlasercutter.com/product/coconut-laser-cutting-engraving-machine-hm-y-series/that is scratch and chemical-resistant. They are also protected by a PP foil layer. The boards have a surface hardness of eight thousand points per square metre and are available in a range of colour finishes.

Senosan AM 1800

A unique gloss and colour depth can be achieved with this high gloss https://www.angelo-home.com/. This material is laminated onto https://www.hmlasercutter.com/for scratch and chemical resistance. The surface of the panel is both face and back-facing. Senosan acrylics can be polished to remove minor scratches and are resistant to household chemicals. Senosan acrylics are available in various standard colours. The product is a high-quality solution for interior design projects.

The highly polished surfaces of SENOSAN high gloss panels are perfect for any project. They give a depth and lustre to the finished surface and are extremely scratch resistant. There are two versions of the front panel – a super matt finish or a high gloss version. Both come with edging in the matching colour. Select decors also feature 3D acrylic edging. The SENOSAN AM1800 range also comes with a seven-year warranty.

Senosan AM 1200

With the most advanced high gloss paneling system in Europe, the SENOSAN AM 1200 provides unmatched depth, brilliance, and lustre for both domestic and commercial projects. Designed for interior design projects, SENOSAN offers exceptional scratch resistance, UV resistance, and colour consistency. It is backed by a 7-year warranty. Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, the high gloss effect is the ultimate finishing touch.

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