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There are several types of UV panels available in the market. Some of these include the TESA UV Board, the American DJ UV Panel HP, and the AuREUS RM-32. If you are considering purchasing a UV panel, it is important to consider its price and features. You should also consider the lifetime of the lamps. A good UV panel should be able to last up to 800 hours.


Tesa UV Board is a new generation of UV-coated material that has a number of applications. This versatile material is made up of an exterior grade MDF board, high-gloss acrylic surface, and a 9-layer coating. It is highly durable and easy to install with standard hardware. Its ultra smooth surface makes it perfect for CNC routing and laser engraving.

TESA has a large variety of products for the home and business. Their wide range of products includes high-gloss acrylic surface MDF boards and a variety of stains. The company also offers a variety of other products, including door skins and HDF laminated flooring. The company has been a leader in the wood panel industry since 1964 and is known for creating innovative solutions that help its customers save money while enhancing the beauty of their homes.

TESA UV Board uses a specially designed process to apply a lustrous coating onto a variety of panel surfaces. This process is completely automated and PLC controlled, eliminating the need for extensive labor. The resulting product is emission-free. The company expects increased demand in the near future.

TESA UV Board is a high-gloss MDF board that is pre-laminated with a nine-layer UV lacquer. It is highly durable and scratch-resistant. The UV-coated surface also makes colors pop, making your house decor look more appealing. TESA UV Board is perfect for both interior and exterior applications.

American DJ UV Panel HP

The American DJ UV Panel HP is a high-powered 160-watt ultraviolet panel that throws a wide area of fluorescent UV light. It has an on/off switch and a convenient hanging bracket. It is ideal for special effects productions and large venues. It comes with a long-lasting lamp that can provide hundreds of hours of use.

The American DJ UV Panel HP boasts a surprisingly small size. It’s easy to store and carries a low-profile case. It throws a wide area of fluorescent UV with a small footprint. It also features a track of thumbnails on the left side of the panel.


The AuREUS UV panel combines solar energy harvesting with a novel process that reduces reflection of UV light. Its lime green design can produce enough electricity to charge two cellphones a day. The device could be used to power buildings and transform them into self-sufficient energy systems. Unlike solar panels, which are typically built horizontally to maximize the sun’s energy, the AuREUS UV panel is designed to be mounted vertically.

The AuREUS UV panel uses an innovative material made from waste and can convert the UV rays into energy. According to AuREUS, the panel can produce 50% energy output when continuously operated, compared to about fifteen to twenty-two percent for regular solar panels. This innovative technology can transform glass buildings into large vertical solar farms. Since it uses natural luminescent particles that can capture and store UV rays, it can provide solar power even when there are clouds around.

The AuREUS UV panel was named after the Aurora Borealis, a natural phenomenon that occurs in the Northern Hemisphere. The Aurora Borealis is created when light-emitting particles in the atmosphere absorb UV and gamma rays. The physics that cause the Northern Lights are similar to those used by the AuREUS panel. Aside from solar energy, the AuREUS panel can also generate electricity. It can even be used to make electricity-generating windows for houses and vehicles.

The AuREUS UV panel is an incredible innovation that turns windows and walls into colorful facades. But it has a larger goal than aesthetics. This innovative technology helps mitigate climate change and provide clean renewable energy to homes and businesses. Unlike standard solar panels that generate electricity only fifteen to twenty-two percent of the time, the AuREUS UV panel has an incredible efficiency of fifty percent!


The RM-32 UV panel meter is a mains-driven instrument that provides continuous and accurate measurement of irradiance. The unit uses integrated electronics to produce a signal voltage and transmit it to a radiometer. It is available in different UV and visible spectral ranges and with different output signals to suit different measurement tasks. Its 3.5-digit digital display shows the current irradiance, and LEDs indicate lamp state. It also features two relay contacts for adjustable warning signals.

This UV panel is available with an array of fluorescent UV lamps. The lamps have a life of up to 800 hours and are equipped with an on-off switch and convenient hanging bracket. It is ideal for venues and special effects productions. It is also a powerful tool for research and development. The RM-32 UV panel is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

The RM-32 UV panel has two distinct layers, one with an infrared light source and one with a liquid crystal composition. The RM-32’s liquid crystal panel uses a one-drop filling technique to distribute the liquid crystal composition across two film surfaces. Its two films are then aligned.


The TRACY(r) UV panel offers a market-leading lifespan and unique form factor. Its slim, 6-mm design makes it easy to install and requires minimal wiring. In contrast to LED-based UV light sources, which tend to have poor efficiency, the TRACY(r) UV panel does not use LEDs, requiring passive cooling fans.

Exposure to UV and aging causes the surface to degrade more rapidly. The result is accelerated aging, which causes a number of problems. The first is the degradation of the surface, which deteriorates the material. It also increases the yellowing index, and causes a decrease in impact strength. However, the accelerated aging leads to some stabilization of the material, as long as it has a proper AO formulation.

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