100gsm Shining Polyester 3D Embossed Fabric

Featuring Edge-to-edge stitching and embellishment, this 100% polyester fabric offers a luxurious print design. This fabric has a weight of 100 GSM per yard and is ideal for apparel and clothing. It is available by the continuous yard, 58″/60″ wide.

Luxurious print design on 100% polyester

If you’re looking for a luxurious print fabric for your next project, you’ve come to the right place. Perfectextile is a manufacturer of high-quality embossed printed fabrics. The resulting fabrics feel stereo when touched. They come in solid and optical white, as well as 100gsm Shining Polyester 3D Embossed 3D embossed designs. The polyester fabric used is durable and resists cold wind from the outside. This means your interior will stay warm even in the chilly winter.

You can choose from different types of embossed polyester fabric available on the market. The regular design is perfect for garments meant for cool weather, while the 3D embossed fabric has a graduated texture and multiple graduate levels. Whether you’re looking for a shirt or a sweater, you can find the perfect piece of clothing for you and your loved ones at Perfectextile.

Edge-to-edge stitching on 100% polyester

For sewing 100% polyester 3D embroidered apparel, there are a few steps you need to take. First, you need to wash the polyester with cold water and a low heat setting. This will help remove excess colorant and coatings from the fabric. Also, it will help prevent allergic reactions from occurring.

The next step is to mark the fabric. You will need heavy thread tacks or a removable transparent tape. Do not use pins, as this could create holes in the fabric. Using masking tape is also a good idea, as it 100gsm Shining Polyester 3D Embossed won’t leave marks or shift the fabric when you mark the pattern edges.

Then, you need to choose your needle. You should use a size 5-10 ballpoint needle. Generally, larger needles will damage the fabric. You should also use a good quality polyester thread. The zig-zag stitch is recommended because it is narrow and will give a more durable hold.

As with any type of fabric, polyester is a tough material to sew. But, with practice, a beginner can create a beautiful garment from this material. As a bonus, this fabric will maintain its shape for a long time. You won’t need any specialized sewing machine to master polyester, and it’s very affordable.

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