Advantages of a Beam Roll Forming Machine

Beam Roll Forming Machine

A Beam Roll Forming Machine produces box beams in a variety of configurations. For example, a box beam can have a self-joint design, or it can have a C-channel forming pattern. A fully automatic machine will automatically nest C-channel pieces into its boxes.

Fully Automatic Rack Box Beam Roll Forming Machine

A Fully Automatic Rack Box Beam Roll Forming machine produces rack box beams, which are integral parts of warehouse pallet rack systems. These beams are available in a wide range of lengths and dimensions and can be adapted to almost any warehouse layout. They offer complete accessibility to material handling equipment.

Unlike manual welding, this process is fully automatic and saves a lot of time. It can weld all four sides of a beam automatically, which increases production and improves quality. It also offers automatic nesting of C channel. Moreover, this machine is designed to be extremely durable.

Self-joint design of box beams

A new design for beam roll forming machine makes it possible to produce box beams without the use of an additional box beam seaming machine. The self-joint design saves material and labor costs because the beams are self-mounted on an upright frame column with integrated hooks or rivets. A straightener is built into the machine to ensure that the beams are perfectly aligned. Most major truck manufacturers now use this innovative design.

A self-joint design is particularly advantageous for box beams, as it reduces the number of joins between the sides. In addition, reinforcement bars can increase the bearing capacity of the shear key. A self-joint design for box beams can be applied to beams in the construction of bridges.

Another advantage of the self-joint design of box beams is its flexibility. This feature can be used to produce box beams of any length or width. It also eliminates the need for secondary processes and ensures a seamless finish. It is an ideal machine for large production lines.

Beam roll forming machines can produce a variety of box beam products. They are highly automated and have high-speed production capabilities. A fully automatic beam roll forming machine can produce a full box beam every minute. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, this type of machine is an excellent option for manufacturing box beams. And it’s very affordable, too.

C channel forming

The first step in C channel forming is to prepare a large coil of sheet metal, typically one inch to 30 inches wide and 0.012 to 0.2 inches thick. This coil is rolled and prepared Beam Roll Forming Machine for the forming process, and then fed into the roll forming machine. The process is explained by a diagram, which illustrates each step of the process, from the loading of the coil to the discharge and cutoff at the end.

When designing a C channel, CAD software should be used. It will give you an idea of how you want the finished part to look. Once you have a design, you can then download it and place the dies in the roll forming machine. Before forming, the metal strip is pre-processed using a guide to ensure a straight entry into the first pass.

The C channel roll forming machine will have several options for producing a C channel. It will form flanges on both sides of the web, as well as holes along the web to install a sign or other object. The machine will also have a hydraulic decoiler, an output table, and an electrical control cabinet.

Beam roll forming machines are made specifically for the most common steel beams. They are also capable of producing steel purlins from 1 to 3 mm thick, or even up to 5 mm thick for more special applications. Other features of the machine include punching holes, leveling units, and hydraulic pumps. Some beam roll forming machines can also be used to form C&Z purlins for the construction of solar structures.

Self-turn over

Self-turn over beam rollforming machines offer several advantages over conventional bending machines. One of the most obvious is that they are self-feeding, making it easier to maintain and less costly to run. Another benefit is that they offer Beam Roll Forming Machine a smooth finish and require less secondary processes than traditional machines.

Self-turn over beam rollforming machines are used to create various types of window frames and door sashes. They can also be used to produce a wide variety of metal parts for automobiles. The Soontrue steel frame roll forming machine series is an ideal choice for this type of project.

Another advantage of this machine is that it can change its profile quickly, making it more flexible. It also features an auto-adjustment mechanism that automatically varies the forming rolls’ positions. Almost all major truck manufacturers have adopted the STAM technology to save money and improve flexibility in production.

Self-turn over beam roll forming machines are ideal for large production runs. They produce box beams of various lengths and dimensions. These beams are perfect for warehouse pallet rack systems, and can be nestled with ease. The machine also features a straightener that makes alignment of the beams easier.

The self-feeding feature of this machine also helps in reducing labor costs. This type of machine also allows you to produce more complex geometries, since there’s no need for you to heat the metal. It also produces more consistent and uniform products, with clean contours and no die marks.

The process of roll forming begins with a large sheet metal coil that can be one inch wide or 30 inches long. Its thickness can range from 0.012 to 0.2 inches. The material must be properly prepared before being fed into the machine. The diagram below shows the four basic steps of the roll forming process. Once the process is complete, the product is discharged and cutoff.


This machine has an innovative self-nesting mechanism. It has more than 100 dynamic axes and 40 fixed axes that are positioned according to the profile that has to be produced. Each axis has its own servomotors and moves independently of the other axes. The machine is equipped with control software and the latest electronic components. It can accurately follow the strip inside the machine and automatically adjust the feeding speed of each axis.

This type of roll forming machine is suitable for producing different shapes of beams. It can also be used for producing precision parts. It requires minimal finishing work and can produce parts with a very fine detail. It is also highly flexible and economical. A self nesting beam roll forming machine has high speed and precision and can produce any length piece in one shift.

Self-nesting beams are made from HSLA steel, which is a high-tensile steel with a yield strength of 350-500 MPa. These types of beams are used in the production of light commercial vehicles and are used in a variety of industries.

A self-nesting beam roll forming machine is a complete automatic machine that forms box beams in a variety of lengths and widths. This machine can produce full box beams per minute and also forms a variety of other shapes. It has many benefits and can be purchased from a Chinese manufacturer.

This machine is especially useful for the manufacturing of automobile window frames. Besides producing different types of window frames, it can also form door sashes and other metal parts. The steel frame roll forming machine series from Soontrue is ideal for manufacturers of windows.

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