Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride

A kiddie ride is a coin-operated amusement ride that caters to young children. These rides are often found in amusement parks, malls, arcades, hotels, and outside supermarkets and discount department stores. They are an excellent way to get kids to move around and have fun. These rides are also suitable for families who don’t have enough money to purchase a full-sized amusement park ride.


Noddy is a popular cartoon character and he became so popular that various kiddie ride companies developed rides based on the story. Edwin Hall & Co manufactured 3 Noddy rides between 1957 and 1964. The Noddy swingboat featured a MIDI rendition of the “Athletic” tune, a button that played a horn sound, and a looping clip from Noddy’s first episode.

The original Noddy Kiddie Ride was created by Australian toy company Kidzstuff. The film was produced by Cosgrove Hall Films. In 2001, R.G. Mitchell released a remake of Noddy Car that features newer character figures and an extended “Make Way For Noddy” theme tune. This ride features four push buttons for different functions and features Noddy’s horn sound effect from the television show.

Noddy rides also feature characters from popular children’s TV shows. There are two versions of this ride, one with Snoopy and Woodstock driving the taxi and the other with Garfield himself riding in it. Another unlicensed version has a bow on the head of the character. In addition to Noddy, other licensed rides include Stuart Little, Arthur, Bob the Builder, and Peanuts. Currently, the Noddy license is owned by Memopark.

Winnie the Pooh

The Winnie the Pooh Kiddie Ride is a popular ride at theme parks. There are several different versions of the Winnie the Pooh kiddie ride. Some are traditional, while others are more modern and interactive. For example, one type of Winnie the Dancing &Music game machine Pooh kiddie ride features a replica of Pooh’s “Thinking Spot”. Whether you’re looking for a new ride or are just tired of the original, there’s sure to be one near you.

The Winnie the Pooh Kiddie Ride is coin operated, and features music that evokes the popular cartoon character. You can choose between free play and coin-operated play, with prices ranging from 25 cents to $1.00.

Mr. Plod

In the story, Mr. Plod is a policeman. In the town of Plod, Mr. Plod has an arm injury, so he cannot take notes, handcuff robbers, or direct traffic. His arm injury is causing him more trouble than all the naughty crooks put together. He learns a valuable lesson about being small.

Noddy has many run-ins with Mr. Plod, but he doesn’t mind. The policeman’s long-suffering nature makes him a favorite of Noddy. He is a persistent and patient man, often catching mischief makers on his police bicycle and yelling, “Halt, in the name of Plod!” Despite the trouble Mr. Plod causes, Noddy and his friends try their best to avoid getting caught. After watching Mr. Sparks’ fun at night, Noddy stays up late. Big-Ears is Noddy’s best friend, and he is Noddy’s best friend.

Noddy in Toyland was released in 2009. The ride features Noddy’s Car and Mr. Plod’s Patrol Car and plays the classic movie theme song “Make Way for Noddy”. There are numerous knock-offs of the Noddy ride, ranging from generic car rides to a Noddy-themed carousel. One of these rides was made by Cogan, and another was made by Bell-Fruit.


The Ragdoll Kiddie Ride is a ride designed to appeal to the senses of young children. It features an embroidered face and raggedy body that is soft and cuddly for children to enjoy. It is small, easy to transport, and perfect for adventure time, bedtime, or fun on the go. This ride can help young children learn to care for their baby dolls.

The ride’s theme is based on the classic TV show “Ragdoll”. The vehicle features Rosie & Jim on the top, as well as a window and miniature LCD display. The child can press one of four push buttons to hear different sounds. The ride is designed to keep kids entertained with a variety of sounds and songs.

The Rosie and Jim Ragdoll Coin Operated Kiddie Ride is considered a classic among childerens’ items. It is in working order and makes a perfect Christmas gift.

Ragdoll by OMC Electronics

The Ragdoll by OMC Electronics kiddie ride is based on the popular children’s TV show of the same name. It features lively sound effects, including the theme tune from the 1988 show and phrases from Sunshine and Ten Cents. This ride also has a miniature LCD display and a window where the puppets appear and disappear.

There are several manufacturers of kiddie rides. The biggest ones are OMC and Cogan, and in the UK, Merkur and Banpresto produce a range of popular characters, including the Planes and 102 Dalmatians. Other companies make Dancing &Music game machine rides with their popular characters, including Arthur and The Busy World of Richard Scarry.

Another popular kiddie ride is the Batmobile, which is a replica of the Batmobile on a stand. It flashes lights and plays a Batman movie theme tune. Meanwhile, the Garfield car ride is manufactured by Jolly Roger Ltd., and features a replica of the cartoon character wearing a hat. A car horn sound also plays.

Amutec by Neil Brewer

The Amutec ride was a creation by designer Neil Brewer. The theme of the ride is based on the Bassets’ Jelly Babies sweets. The rides are marketed to children in an educational way. They have an amusing soundtrack and feature a narrator’s voice. The mascot for the kiddie ride is Sweep, voiced by Matthew Corbett.

The Amutec rides were the most expensive of the rides. They can drain a parent’s wallet and are usually located in shopping malls. Furthermore, they often draw crowds from the Periphery Demographic. These crowds can include a combination of rowdy teenagers and people who are interested in making YouTube videos.

Ragdoll by Amutec

The Ragdoll is a fun ride for children, based on the children’s show Rosie and Jim. The Amutec version features a peekaboo window and four clips that are displayed on a mini LCD screen. The Rosie and Jim puppets pop up automatically as the ride moves.

The Ragdoll is made by Amutec of Mablethorpe and is one of the few kiddie rides that features real characters. This is a ride for young children, so it is suitable for ages four and older. The ride is designed to appeal to both boys and girls.


Superman and Kiddie Ride combines two of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. The ride is a fun, family-friendly attraction that features the Man of Steel as the main character. During the ride, fans will hear Superman’s theme song from the Animated Series and the theme from the original comics. There is also an audio track where fans can listen to the theme song in a lower pitch. Kids will also enjoy four buttons that read Superman radio show lines. The voice of the superhero is provided by Don Kennedy.

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