Electric Concrete Pumps

Electric concrete pump

Whether you’re looking for a trailer concrete pump, or a more powerful electric concrete pump, there’s an option for you. From iONTRON to Energya, there’s a pump to meet your needs.

Trailer concrete pump

Compared to stationary pumps, trailer-mounted concrete pumps are portable, compact units. These pumps are often used in smaller construction projects. They are also ideal for flowable fill and slurry pumping.

Concrete pumping is an important tool for delivering concrete to construction sites. They are used in tunnel construction, bridge construction and building construction.

A concrete pump consists of a pumping tank, a mixer and a pumping pipe. The mixing system is equipped with a high pressure pump and a reverse pumping function. It is driven by a high torque oil pressure motor. The mixing system has a special sealing structure that prevents material from entering the pumping system.

The most basic form of a concrete pump is the stationary pump. It is attached to a small trailer and towed by a truck. These units do not have a boom.

The stationary pump is towed to the construction site by a separate truck. A truck-mounted concrete pump is also a type of trailer pump. It is available in various sizes.

Depending on the diameter of the piping, the capacity of the pump trailer will vary. Some of the models are small mini drag pumps. These are suitable for small projects, while larger models are suitable for larger projects.

A trailer-mounted concrete pump has an open-circuit hydraulic system. Its hydraulic valves have a high flow and little energy loss. This helps to minimize pipeline blockage.

A small-line trailer pump uses a swing tube, a valve system, and an S-valve. A Schwing trailer and line pump is suitable for flowable fill and slurry pumping. It comes in a variety of ball valve and rock valve models.

The main oil cylinder of the concrete pump is made of a piston rod, and it is driven by the power generated by a diesel engine. These units are also available with electric engine.

In addition to this, the mixing system is equipped with a centralized lubrication Electric concrete pump system, which ensures smooth operation. This saves energy and reduces costs.

The Electric Trailer Concrete Pump market is gaining popularity with the increasing R&D and technological innovation. It is also seeing increasing opportunities in niche markets.

iONTRON eMixer

Using a concrete pump in an electrically powered mode has never been this easy. Putzmeister, a leading European producer of concrete pumps has made it possible for owners to enjoy a clean energy transport solution that meets European standards for carbon neutrality and cost efficiency.

The iONTRON eMixer is the world’s first plug-in hybrid truck-mounted concrete pump and was designed with the operator in mind. This nifty e-machine has a 92 kW electric motor that delivers a whopping 100m3/h of concrete. It also boasts an impressively large battery that provides up to five to six tours. When fully charged, the iONTRON eMixer can travel over 150km before needing to be recharged. It also features a clever battery charging system that allows it to maintain full power overnight.

Putzmeister’s iONTRON eMixer electric concrete pump truck is not only the best on the market, but also the most environmentally friendly. It boasts a maximum gross weight of 34tonnes. It also has an 8×4 axle configuration and can cover up to 5-6 tours before charging. It is powered by a battery that has a capacity of 350 kWh. Its charging process can be done in between trips or during a workday.

The iONTRON’s “e-engine” uses local electricity supplied by the jobsite. The iONTRON eMixer also boasts an impressively oversized battery that can last for the duration of a work day in an urban area. This battery is capable of powering a concrete pump for up to five to six tours before it needs to be recharged.

The iONTRON iMMXer electric concrete pump truck is also capable of reducing operating noise by up to 50% compared to the average diesel pump. It is also Electric concrete pump the most efficient concrete pump truck on the market, achieving an average savings of 10.2 litres per hour in diesel mode. When fully charged, the iONTRON can achieve carbon neutrality, a feat which is rare in the construction industry. It is a real game changer, not only for environmental reasons, but also from a cost efficiency point of view.

Putzmeister has pioneered the electrification of the construction industry with its iONTRON hybrid truck-mounted concrete pump. This technological feat is the logical next step in advancing the company’s commitment to energy efficiency and innovation.

Energya K42E

CIFA has announced the launch of the Energya K42E, an electric concrete pump that is both efficient and environmentally conscious. Powered by two Rexroth electric motors, this pump can achieve a pumping rate of 160 m3/hour at 80 bar. It also features a carbon fibre boom that extends 42 meters. It also comes equipped with a lithium ion battery pack that provides 30 amp hours of power.

The K42E is designed for efficiency and ease of use. It features an integrated battery charger that is compatible with the company’s 220V system. It also has a control panel that displays information on the status of the inner drum. It also comes with a U-shaped bottom hopper that facilitates the introduction of ready mixed concrete.

The Energya K42E features several technological innovations that help it stand out from the crowd. The pump is the first of its kind to use a lithium ion battery. It also has a synchronized dosing device to ensure that the proper dosage is provided based on the flow of concrete. It also comes with a digital display that indicates when to replace the pumping tube.

The K42E has a number of other notable features. It includes a robotic arm that is controlled via a remote control. It also comes with a slick digital display that indicates when the volume meter is in need of a replacement. Its other notable features include a 30 ampere-hour battery pack and a pumping capacity of 160 m3/hour at 80 bar.

The Energya K42E is the smallest, smartest and most efficient pump on the market. Its 30 Amp Hour Cell battery pack provides ample power to operate the pump while eliminating Co2 emissions from the process. The pump can be hooked up to a 40-meter power cable. Moreover, it comes with an electric drive motor and a hydraulic pump to open and close outriggers. It also features proximity sensors positioned along the suction and retraction strokes of the material cylinders.

It is also the first of its kind to use a digital display that indicates when to replace a pumping tube. It is also the first truck-mounted pump to feature a synchronous dosing device that ensures proper dosage based on the flow of concrete.

Soil HBT60-S0M

Using the HBT60-S0M electric concrete pump on a construction site is a great way to deliver concrete. But it’s important to ensure your crew is using the pump properly. Otherwise, they may be at risk of electrocution.

First, make sure you use the proper hose for your application. The proper hose should be able to handle the amount of concrete you’re pumping. Also, make sure the boom is the proper length for the job. If the boom is too short, it won’t be able to reach around obstacles. Also, make sure the boom isn’t close to an electric wire. It’s best to judge how far it is from the wires by measuring perpendicular to the boom.

Another important safety tip is to make sure there is a full-time spotter on site. This spotter can help you position the boom to avoid hitting a power line. It’s also a good idea to use a radio remote control.

Other obstacles to keep in mind are buildings, cranes, scaffolding, and other obstructions. It’s also important to be aware of depth perception, which is rarely reliable when judging distances. A concrete pump is a pressure-based tool that can cause serious injury if not used properly. Having the right boom and hose for the job will ensure your crew’s safety. Also, be sure to have a catcher and end caps on your truck.

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