2 Inch LED Work Light

2 Inch Led Work Light

If you are looking for a good work light, you may be interested in a 2 inch LED work light. This type of light is very popular and can provide you with the necessary lighting you need to carry out your tasks. It is also designed to be portable and easy to use. In addition, it can help you to have a clear vision of the area you are working in.


The 2 inch LED Work Light is a great example of how the power of combining light and electronics is increasing dramatically. It uses the latest in high powered LEDs and the latest in drivers to produce a truly dazzling wattage of illumination. Besides being an excellent light source, it is also energy efficient. With a wattage of 1.2A @ 12VDC, the LED Work Light draws a mere 0.016 amps, which is less than the average halogen bulb. To keep the heat at bay, the work light is made of die cast aluminum alloy and a tempered glass lens.

Not surprisingly, the light is not a cheap piece of kit. Unlike a traditional halogen bulb, the LED Work Light is extremely lightweight. This makes it an ideal lighting accessory for an attic, 2 Inch Led Work Light a construction site, or even your kitchen or den.

Spot beam for farther lighting distance

If you want to improve your lighting power in your vehicle, you can install a spot beam on your 2 inch led work light. These lights are suitable for use on the front and rear bumpers, roof racks, and 2 Inch Led Work Light hood mounts. They feature a matte finish, an aluminum housing, and advanced CREE LED chips for increased brightness.

The spot beam pattern is designed to shine light farther. Its narrow angle keeps the beam in a focused area. This pattern is best suited for speed driving and long-distance light throw. However, it is not ideal for utility lighting or reverse lights. To ensure that you get the right pattern for your application, take into consideration your driving style, road conditions, and location.

On the other hand, the driving beam is not as narrow as the spot beam. This is because it has defined edges and produces a diamond-shaped light pattern. You can also mount the driving beam on the top of your upper windshield or on the front bumper of your vehicle. While it is not as wide as the spot beam pattern, it has the longest throw of its class.

In addition, it is SAE certified, meaning it is more powerful than the stock fog lights on your car. It is also waterproof, meaning you can use it in extreme weather conditions. With a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, this SMD LED light bar has been designed to last. Plus, the LED chips have thin radiator fins that make them water-resistant, allowing them to be submerged for up to an hour.

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