Augmented Reality Solution Providers

AR solutions can be used in all types of industries, including training & education, healthcare, travel and tourism, retail, manufacturing, and more. A good augmented reality solution provider should have proven expertise in all the major types of AR.

For example, companies in factories can use AR to make important maintenance data visible to factory workers. This can help them detect and resolve problems quickly and more efficiently.


Augmentir is an augmented reality solution provider that provides a variety of solutions for industrial companies. Its solutions allow industrial companies to digitize their workflows and improve the safety, quality, and productivity of their frontline workers.

Its solutions are based on enterprise augmented reality and artificial intelligence (AI). These solutions help industrial companies increase the quality of their products while also improving efficiency. They can be used on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

They can be customized according to the needs of each customer. They can also be adapted to the company’s existing ERP system.

The platform allows customers to digitize their work processes in a way that helps them enhance safety, augmented reality solution providers increase productivity, and meet regulatory requirements. It also helps them manage employee skills, allowing them to ensure they are qualified for the job.

Unlike traditional solutions, Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker platform is able to close the loop between training and work execution. This enables industrial companies to track and manage worker skills and upskill as needed.

In addition, the platform can be used to manage a variety of tasks, including inspection checks and maintenance procedures. It can also be used to connect factory workers with subject matter experts.

With the help of Augmentir, manufacturers can digitalize their maintenance and repair processes to boost efficiency and reduce errors. It can also help them standardize inspections, setups, and changeovers.

The company’s software solutions are being used by a number of industries, including automotive manufacturing. Its products are also used by wireless service providers and consumer electronics companies. It has a strong client base and has received accolades from research analysts.

Help Lightning

Located in Framingham, Massachusetts, Help Lightning is the largest of its kind and a leading provider of field service assistance. The company offers remote visual assistance software augmented by spatial computing, guidance automation and a host of specialized add-ons. The company’s patented system is used for installation, inspection, training, and servicing of complex machinery and equipment. The company boasts a customer base that includes Becton Dickinson, Siemens Healthineers, and Ricoh among others. The patented system is also well known for lowering the cost of field service with an eye toward improving employee retention and satisfaction. The company also has a solid reputation for delivering the most believable user experiences in the field, on the ground and online. The company has a small but highly dedicated team of software and hardware experts that can be found at their headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley or in their international wing of operations.


Librestream, headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, is an augmented reality solution provider that offers an augmented reality knowledge platform called Onsight. It enables workers to gain immediate access to the content, people, smart data and guidance they need to solve problems quickly.

The company has a global customer base that includes energy, manufacturing, service and aerospace enterprises with aggregate annual revenues of $3.2T. Its workforce transformation solutions enable organizations to build a knowledge network that scales to enhance safety, efficiency and resiliency.

For example, one of its customers, Orica, uses Onsight to support its field personnel in areas where trained specialists can’t travel, such as the mountainous regions of Latin America and the deserts of Australia. It aims to reduce how often trained staff must travel to these sites, which in turn will help lower operating costs and energy consumption.

Onsight also enables field collaboration and conferencing in rugged environments, according to Librestream. It can capture images, recordings and call sessions, allowing team members to work through difficult scenarios without having to travel. It can even be used to help with future training and work processes, thereby reducing the amount of time employees spend logging information in the field.

Similarly, CNH’s New Holland brand has been using Onsight to deliver remote assistance for its dealership augmented reality solution providers network during the pandemic, enabling dealers to do virtual walkthroughs with remote experts before taking equipment into the field. The platform consists of an app and cloud-based software that can be installed on an employee’s phone to capture data surrounding the machinery they are inspecting.

Onsight has a Flow module that allows users to create, assign and execute digital work instructions. It also has an offline mode for process execution without network access. It can also be used to apply AI computer vision for smart visualisations and analysis.


HTC is a Taiwanese technology company that produces smartphones and other electronic devices. It primarily designs its own phones, but it also sells devices to major carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile.

The company is still a leader in the smartphone industry, but its market share has been diluted by competition from Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics.

While the company continues to produce devices, its focus is mainly on the Vive line of virtual reality headsets. It sold half of its design and research talent to Google in 2017 for $1.1 billion.

With a large amount of VR experience, HTC can help you develop custom solutions for the best VR platforms. It offers a wide range of services, including custom software development for AR/VR applications and marketing campaigns.

iTechArt combines different technological tools to create photorealistic 3D models, animations, interactive 360deg panoramas, virtual reality software, and mixed reality content. Its projects are featured on websites and in VR headsets for clients such as Equal Education, SVRF, Poplar Studio, and Doctors Without Borders.

Another great option for internet is Spectrum, which offers symmetrical upload and download speeds along with robust customer service and a free 90-day trial of Peacock Premium. Its TV packages start at under $60 per month and can be customized with popular features like online streaming and cloud DVRs.

Its wireless phone customers can get $10 off their monthly bill for signing up for three or more services. It also has a variety of internet plans and offers fiber Internet for those who can access it. You can find more deets on its best internet deals here.


Nvidia is a leading company that produces GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) and other graphics-based technology. The firm specializes in gaming, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. It has also built a software developer kit (SDK) that allows developers to use its chips in augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

NVIDIA CloudXR is a GPU-accelerated virtual reality streaming platform that streams OpenVR XR applications from a remote server–cloud, data center, or edge–to untethered devices, such as VR head-worn displays (HMDs). This enables high-fidelity VR and AR experiences to be streamed from remote locations over 5G and Wi-Fi networks without compromising on quality.

The company’s CloudXR solution allows designers, engineers, and artists to access immersive high-fidelity XR experiences that can be delivered to users through the most accessible platforms and devices. It also makes it easy for enterprises to provide a wide range of immersive, high-fidelity XR experiences to their customers.

In addition, NVIDIA has developed a software framework called Omniverse that enables collaborative simulation of digital worlds. This enables engineers to simulate and test new designs, products, and technologies in a shared virtual environment.

Omniverse enables collaboration and simulation that could become essential to Nvidia customers working in robotics, automotive, architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment. The company says that it has taken input from developers and customers and is advancing the platform so that everyone can work together to create amazing virtual worlds that look, feel, and behave just as the physical world does.

NVIDIA has teamed up with Lockheed Martin to use its DGX supercomputers and Omniverse to fight wildfires, which have caused $20 billion in damage in the western U.S. This solution allows fire behavior analysts to predict how a wildfire will spread and how they can respond to it.

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