How to Cut Cutting Vinyl Rolls

Vinyl is a versatile material that can be used to create a wide range of projects. Whether you are a small business owner, hobbyist or just want to personalize your own items, a vinyl cutter is an essential tool.

Before cutting your first project, you should try a small test cut to make sure the cut settings are working properly with the vinyl material. This is called a “kiss cut” and it will make the process much easier for you in the future!

How to Cut a Roll of Vinyl

Cutting vinyl rolls is the first step in getting ready to use your Cricut machine to create your projects. There are several different types of vinyl that you can cut on your Cricut machine, and choosing the right one for your project is important to ensure that it will be a success.

A roll of vinyl has two different layers – the top layer is the vinyl itself, and the paper liner protects it until you’re ready to apply it to your project. There are many different types of vinyl that you can cut on a Cricut, including adhesive craft vinyl, heat transfer vinyl (aka iron-on vinyl), and even glitter vinyl!

When you’re ready to begin cutting, Cutting Vinyl Rolls load the vinyl onto your Cricut’s cutting mat with the paper liner side down. Smooth the surface with your scraper or brayer tool to eliminate any air bubbles that may prevent the vinyl from cutting cleanly.

Next, choose the appropriate material settings for your vinyl from the list in Design Space. Once you’ve chosen the correct settings, load the vinyl into your Cricut machine and press the Go button to start cutting!

Once your vinyl is cut, remove it from the cutting mat and let it cure for at least 24 hours before using or washing. This will help to seal the vinyl and give it a longer lasting, stronger bond on your project.

You’ll also need a few hand tools to work with the vinyl, like a weeder and scraper. Cricut sells a starter kit that includes these items, but you can also buy them separately online or at your local craft store.

Lastly, you’ll need transfer tape to apply the vinyl to your project. Regular strength clear transfer tape is typically the best option for most vinyl, but if you’re planning on working with glitter or other vinyl that has a rougher surface, you may want to choose strong grip transfer tape.

When applying the vinyl to your project, be sure to follow the transfer tape’s instructions to make sure you have the right amount of pressure and burnish the design onto the surface. If your design doesn’t release from the transfer tape, lay it back down and burnish again until you have a successful result.

Cut the Roll in Half

A roll of vinyl is not a cheap material, so it’s no surprise that some people will want to cut theirs in half. Luckily, this can be done with relative ease. First, you’ll need a miter saw and the right size vinyl roll. Then, place the roll in the saw and make sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions. Once the cut is complete, you’ll have a nice looking plank of vinyl.

Using your newfound cutting skills, trim away the excess and tape down the opening. This will give you a neatly cut roll of vinyl ready to sand and polish. You can then use a scraper to smooth out any jagged edges and get your vinyl looking as good as it did when it left the manufacturer’s plant.

This is a great way to test your cutting skills and see if you have what it takes to become a pro in the future. Having a vinyl cutter on hand will also help you avoid any costly mistakes that could end up costing you more money in the long run. Lastly, make sure to take your time and enjoy the fruits of your labors when it comes to your custom made vinyl.

Cut the Roll in Thirds

If you have an especially long roll of vinyl, you may want to cut it in thirds. This will make it easier to install, as you won’t have to cut off as much of the sheet, thereby saving you some time and money. The best part is that it’s as easy as grabbing your snips and chopping away at the roll of sticky stuff. For a more Cutting Vinyl Rolls complex pattern, you may want to consider getting a tile cutter or using a circular saw.

Cut the Roll in Fourths

If you need to cut more than one piece of vinyl, we recommend dividing the design in fourths. This will give you more control over the cutting process and allow for a cleaner and smoother cut. First, you will need to select the material size that matches your cutting mat. In our case, we are using a 12″x12″ mat, but you can choose whatever size you want. You will also need to select the appropriate cut settings for your specific type of vinyl. This will make sure the blade cuts through the vinyl cleanly without going through the paper backing.

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