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Add Comfort and Style to Your Bathroom With Bathroom Rugs

Fill your bathroom with spa-like comfort with the addition of a soft bath rug. From simple striped designs to playful tassels, these mats offer both function and fashion.

When shopping for a bath mat, look for one that is machine-washable (on delicate, cold water cycle) and fast-drying. Also check the care instructions, since different types of rugs require special washing and drying techniques.


A good bathroom rug should be as functional as it is stylish, keeping your feet warm and dry after showering or bathing. It should be absorbent, which is why many people choose rugs that are made of natural textiles such as cotton or synthetic blends like polyester and chenille. They should also be easy to clean, which is why most bath mats are machine-washable and dryer-safe, though some are hand-washable only. Some are even snag-resistant and have an anti-slip backing.

As its name suggests, a cotton bath rug is typically made from 100 percent cotton and offers an ultra-plush and luxurious feel underfoot. It’s also remarkably absorbent, soaking up several times its weight in water,2 and it dries quickly so it doesn’t get mildewy or damp. The Company Store Chunky Loop Cotton Bath Rug is one example, crafted of thick cotton yarns and featuring a 2-inch-thick high-pile surface that’s incredibly soft and durable.

Another advantage of cotton bath rugs is their versatility, as they can blend right in with most any bathroom design. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, too. For instance, a small, circular mat might be ideal for a tiny shower stall while a long runner-sized option is a good fit for spacious master bathrooms and walk-in showers.

Other popular bath rugs are woven of fibers such as microfiber or wool, which are highly breathable and allow for quick airflow. This allows them to dry faster than other fabrics and helps them resist shrinking, which can be a problem with certain types of cotton. They can also repel water and stains, making them a smart pick for anyone who has sensitive skin or wants to limit their exposure to allergens.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and eco-friendly option, try a plant-based bath rug crafted of organic cotton. Parachute’s Mat and Rug Collection includes a number of styles and colors, including a terrazzo-inspired design that’s sure to add a spa-like feel to any bathroom. This Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified product is woven of soft and durable long-staple Turkish cotton in a soft colorway and has an anti-slip backing.


If you’re a fan of cotton, consider bathroom rugs this cozy option from The Company Store. It’s crafted from 100 percent cotton and features a chunky, looped weave that feels ultra-soft underfoot. The company also claims the rug is extremely absorbent and dries quickly, though Baker notes that the material tends to shed a bit during washing.

This chenille bath mat comes in 10 colors that you can easily coordinate with your bathroom decor. The rug features an anti-slip backing that keeps it in place, even on slippery tile. It’s also machine-washable and tumble-dried for easy care, but it may require a spin cycle to remove excess water. The rugs are backed by a rubberized plastic for added durability.

Another soft chenille option, this one from ITSOFT is available in 12 different color options to match your bathroom design. It features a microfiber construction that offers an extra-soft feel underfoot and is quick to soak up water. The bath mat also has a non-skid back and anti-slip PVC that keep it in place, even on wet floors.

This oversized bath mat can cover a large area in front of your tub or shower, leaving no tiles exposed. The plush material and durable backing make it a good choice for those who want to avoid mold or mildew. It’s machine-washable, but the company recommends letting it air dry before placing it in use again to prevent warping of the rubberized backing.

While the shag-like texture felt comfortable underfoot during our tests, some users noted that this rug doesn’t feel as lush as some of the others on this list. Additionally, some complained that the color selections don’t appear to be as vibrant as advertised online.

If you’re looking for a plush, fluffy rug that can be placed in front of your tub or shower, this option from Tafts fits the bill. It’s crafted from plush chenille that traps water and helps to protect your feet from cold, wet tile. The non-slip backing is made from TP rubber (not PVC or glue), and it’s also machine-washable and dryer-friendly.


Bath rugs can add comfort and style to your bathroom, while protecting the floor from water spills. These rugs come in various sizes, so you can find one that matches the dimensions of your bathroom. They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit your bathroom decor, from contemporary to classic. Some rugs feature an anti-slip backing for added safety and protection from slippery surfaces.

While many bath rugs are machine washable, it is important to read the care tag carefully to ensure you are following proper washing instructions. The material of the rug will also impact how easily it washes and dries. For example, cotton and polyester rugs should be washed at warm or hot temperatures to avoid the formation of mildew and bacteria. Memory foam rugs, on the other hand, need to be washed at cool temperatures to prevent the material from deteriorating.

Another factor to consider when choosing a rug is its absorbency. A quality cotton rug is luxuriously soft and offers superior water absorption. It also dries quickly and requires minimal maintenance. Other materials that are popular for bath rugs include microfiber, which dries 30% faster than traditional rugs and is resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon are also stain-resistant and offer durability, making them a long-term investment.

While the function of a mat and a rug is different, you can often use them interchangeably in your bathroom. Typically, tub and shower mats are used to prevent post-bath or shower puddles on the floor, while bath rugs are more of a style accessory that elevates your bathroom’s décor.

Regardless of the type of rug you choose for your bathroom, Garland Rug is sure to have the perfect fit and style to match your space. Browse the selection of rugs to discover the best option for your home, and remember to check out our matching sets for a cohesive look in your bathroom. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is happy to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

Other Materials

Whether you prefer an earthy look or you want to create a bold bathroom scheme, the rug you choose can make or break your decor. Woven bath mats made of jute, sisal or another natural material work well with Scandi-inspired bathrooms. These bathroom rugs rugs are tightly woven and less likely to fray. However, they are usually wipe-clean only and do not have the same water-repelling qualities as other types of rugs.

Linen is another popular option for bath rugs. Like cotton, linen dries quickly and is also soft to the touch. It’s breathable and allows moisture to escape, so it won’t become moldy or mildewy in high humidity areas. This natural fabric is also a great choice for those looking to avoid artificial fibers in their bathroom.

Another option is a microfiber rug. Made from smaller, more concentrated fibers, these rugs are more durable than cotton and resist moisture better than nylon. They’re also machine washable and come in a variety of colors to match your bathroom color palette.

Some bathroom rugs are even made of memory foam, which is soft and warm to the touch. They’re ideal for those with sensitive feet or those who have a hard time navigating slippery floors. Plus, they offer a bit of extra cushioning to support your back when standing in the shower or tub.

If you’re trying to find a bathroom rug to match a unique shower curtain, consider pairing the two together. This can instantly elevate your bathroom’s décor and create a cohesive look. For example, this Mazy Abstract bath rug from Rugs USA would go beautifully with a geometric printed shower curtain.

When selecting a bathroom rug, it’s important to pay attention to the care instructions on the tag. Some rugs require special cleaning methods or may need to be laundered more frequently than others. Also, look for a non-skid surface on the bottom to prevent your rug from skidding on the floor. The lining and backing of the rug may also impact how much it holds up to moisture, so read the label carefully before purchasing.

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