acoustic wood slats

Acoustic Wood Slats

When people think of acoustic wood panels, they usually picture the egg carton style paneling found in recording studios. These decorative wooden slat wall panels look amazing in modern homes and offices.

The natural wood acoustic wall and ceiling panels are modern styling personified. Their sleek, clean-looking lamella strips are attached to a specially designed recycled acoustic felt material. They are easy to install and will instantly transform your space.


If you’re looking for a decorative wall panel that’s both beautiful and soundproof, look no further than acoustic wood slats. These panels are ideal for home use as well as commercial spaces and can reduce noise in offices, classrooms, and more. They are also easy to install and can be customized to fit any style or aesthetic.

Wood acoustic panels can make a big difference in your space by reducing noise and eliminating echo. They are made of slats that are placed close together and are designed to prevent noise reflection. The wood slats also help to absorb noise, which creates a more comfortable environment for your family or employees.

Acoustic wood slats are also easy to clean and maintain. They are sturdy and durable, so they can withstand the elements. They can be painted with a wide range of colors, so you can match acoustic wood slats them to any design scheme. They are lightweight and don’t require any special tools to install.

Another benefit of acoustic wood slats is that they are more attractive than traditional wall panels. Other acoustic wall panels have conspicuous holes, slots, or grooves that detract from the overall appearance of the room. By contrast, Latus Panels are indistinguishable from the rest of the wall, allowing them to perform their acoustic functions without negatively impacting their look.

Easy to Install

The slatted wood walls are a sophisticated alternative to traditional shiplap. They add a refined architectural detail to a room and enhance the light and shadow play that creates an organic vibe. They are especially effective in rooms where sound absorption is a concern.

Wood acoustic wall panels are easy to install and can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills. They are available in a variety of styles and finishes that are compatible with all decor. They are also suitable for curved surfaces and can be fitted around the corners of walls or ceilings.

Before you start installing your slatted wood wall panels, make sure that the walls are clean and free of any obstacles. You may need to sand the surface to remove any splinters or other debris. After sanding, apply some wood filler to any holes or cracks, and then re-sand to smooth the surface. You can also stain or paint the wood slat paneling to suit your style.

Slatted wood panels are easier to install than solid wood panels because they consist of thin slats that are acoustic wood slats attached to a composite material. This method also makes them less expensive than solid wood panels. Determine how many panels you will need to cover the space by measuring the width and height of the wall, factoring in any doors or windows. To save time, you can use a spare slat held on edge as a spacer for each subsequent slat.


Acoustic wood slats are an eco-friendly alternative to other traditional sound panels for walls. They are crafted from slats of sustainable oak and walnut, and are glued together with environmentally friendly glue that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. This material can be recycled and reused, making acoustic wood slats a greener option for your space. The acoustic felt backing also improves room acoustics by reducing echo and unwanted noise.

These decorative wooden slat wall and ceiling panels are a great addition to any home, office, or business. The natural aesthetic and gorgeous colors of the slats bring warmth and elegance to the space, and they are a beautiful accent to any interior design. The acoustic felt that lies behind the decorative wooden slats absorbs soundwaves, reducing echo and noise and improving speech clarity.

A variation on Posh Wood’s cornerstone product, Posh Oak with Grey Felt Panels combine style and sustainability to create a beautiful, contemporary aesthetic that is perfect for any space. This acoustic wood slat wall and ceiling panel features a rich oak veneer over a refined grey felt, bringing a touch of luxury to your space. The design of this acoustic wood panel is modern styling personified, and it can be used to easily remodel any space. The slats are secured to a durable laminated felt that is designed to reduce echo and noise, making this the ultimate acoustic wood wall panel.


Wood acoustic panels are an affordable way to improve a room’s acoustics and aesthetics. They reduce noise levels by absorbing sound waves and can be painted, waxed, or varnished in any color to suit any design style. They can also be mounted on ceilings to improve acoustics in offices and music studios.

The cost of wood slat panels depends on the type of wood used to make them. Some DIYers may opt for plywood and rip it into slats with a table saw, while others will go for pine that can sometimes be purchased in thinner slats at a local timber shop or home improvement store. The type of wood used will have a big impact on the final look and feel of the wall, so it is worth considering other elements in the space that have wooden features such as chairs, sofa legs, coffee tables and TV stands.

If you are not keen on spending your weekends cutting and sanding wood to create an accent wall, there are also pre-made acoustic wood slat panels that can be bought for less money. These are easier to install and don’t require sanding before applying paint or other finishes. They can be fixed to the wall using appropriate fixings through the acoustic felt or if installing on ceilings, screwed directly into batons.

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